Democrats in Congress

Subject: Democrats in Congress
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 3 Jan 2019

I like to say to the democrats in congress not to give in to Donald J. Trump demands for a wall .yes border security is needed more officers technology etc but not a ridiculous wall that isn't affected plus if you give in to Donald Trump 's demands and his way thinking you're basically saying that immigrants isn't allow in this country to make better lives for themselves saying to them they're not welcome is the same way of thinking &attiude of hate by donald trump that immigrants doesn't belong in the USA!You should do whatever it takes to reopen the government reimburse the eight-thousands of federal workers who works very everyday&night who has bills to pay they're not rich billionaires&millionaires like donald trump The Koch brothers etc!Donald Trump is asking for a five-billions dollars handout from taxpayers to built a wall on the border or someone plus you can't trust donald trump with that amount of money seeing his businesses failures perhaps donald trump could try to either pocketed some of that five-billions dollars in his pockets or use for his reelection 2020 campaign plus he use very little of the one point three billions for fencing or border security the democrats should questioned or investigate on where the rest of the 1. 3 billions going to use!