Subject: democrats
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 1 Jul 2019

To the democrats you cave in to donald trump one of the worst untrusted person that occupied the whitehouse border funding for the kids at the border detension lock in cages .donald trump &the administration isn't going to do right for kids that need some essentials wil bad like soap toothpaste change of clothes diapers etc. Donald Trump is going to use thatmoney for his use for that damn stupid border wall that he promise that Mexico was to suppose to pay for.before you made the agreement with Trump you should have madeit clear in writing that the funds should be use for the welfare of the kids &not anything else or it the Trump administration didn't honor the commitment to help the kids than you mainly Nancy Pelosi should put a hole on propose 2020 budget propose by Donald Trump until the kids get the essentials that they need before negoitate with the whitehouse on the budget! The kids are counting on congress for the help they need but, when you're dealing with Donald Trump the kids isn't going to get the help they need plus the people running the center is making money off this deal!