declaration of national emergency

Subject: declaration of national emergency
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 19 Feb 2019

To Donald Trump
This declaration of national emergency that you sign is phony. Their no crisis at the border as you &your allies as well Trump tv. is decribing it. The only emergency is kids are being separated from their families cause by the Trump administration it is a real emergency around the country with all these shootings going around the country not this fake emergency going on at border. If you really need to built this wall why haven't you done in the two years you been in office controlling both the House &Senate instead you're on twitter attacking the media nfl players (minorities) etc !&now all of a sudden declaring a national emergency when it's not a emergency. This is nothing but a complete scam by the Trump administration particular Donald Trump to scam taxpayers of their dollars for his personal adventures like reelection 2020 his businesses keep in mind in the spending bill he got 1. 6 billions from congress he hasn't or spent very little of the 1point three billions from 2018 spending bill not to mention their is still funds from previous years that hasn't been spend so to me this is scam by Donald Trump to get billions from the military department defense spending not to mention the one point six-billions from congress as well as previous funds from 2018 as well funds from previous years one again this is scam by a conartist Donald Trump get more billions of dollars for his own use of survivor businesses project etc!