Dear. Parents

Subject: Dear. Parents
From: GK
Date: 9 Jun 2017

Hello, the entire Asian parents who treat me as I am your child. I got good news for you. Good news is I found out that I am not your child. I did not come out through your vagina. There is no worries or concern for you for me getting more piercing and tattoo. It is OKAY. I know you guys can be worry for me and care about my body that my parents gave me, but that is not only thing you guys are worrying. Isn’t it? Just me piercing my ears and bleaching me hair should not influence your child at any point. Unless your kid was jealous of me, still that is not my fault.
Please do not stop me from expressing myself through my own way.
Please do not judge me for where I’m going for fun with my own money.
Thinking karaoke is the place where the bad kids are going is one of the most out dated thinking.
One the biggest mistakes that most of Asian parent are making is they think their kid will or would do it. Because like you said, you teach them better than that. But your kid probably is doing it or they have done it already.
I remember when your daughter had secret boyfriend. I let her tell you that she’s hanging out with me.
But still you don’t know anything about me or your daughter, but just because I look rebellion and do things you’re not doing doesn’t me I’m the bad kid or people with different expression doesn’t set a standard of
We just have different ways to express and tell who we are.
Understand and accepting generation differences are needed to all of us. For people who think our parents are too ‘Asian’ to understand us, for parents doesn’t realize people’s perspective have changed over time and still have certain circle of standards that they’ve created during their generations.
Of course, not all Asian parents are like that. There are lots of parents who believe in their children, and give much freedom as they want. But just because those parents are not having same parenting standard as you, that doesn’t mean they are the bad parents. Not everyone can have same standard of parenting or education.
And no one should tell anyone how to educate their child unless their kid is harming others. As those kids grows up, they will have their own standards of freedom and if they decide to have children, then they might understand more about parenting. But for now we have our own believes towards living our lives, and our own parents who parenting us in their best way. People like me, which they might look not nice at first time, or have their own strong life philosophy, can be seem stubborn to adults who try to give advise or care about other’s life. But just let us be who we are. We will learn from our own mistakes, and I believe that is how we are going to develop as an adult also building our own responsibility, whether than waiting for adults’ judgments to come and make decision according to. I am not your child, but thank you for your concern.