Dear Mean Girl... An Open Letter to comedian Nicole Arbour: Your audience just got a lot smaller-no pun intended!

Subject: Dear Mean Girl... An Open Letter to comedian Nicole Arbour: Your audience just got a lot smaller-no pun intended!
From: A Fat Girl
Date: 8 Sep 2015

Dear Mean Girl-Nicole Arbour,

I am sorry that I didn't even know you existed until your "Dear Fat People" video went viral…It is a sad, sad day when a talented, pretty, somewhat smart women such as yourself has to resort to playing the "Mindless Twit Card" to boost her ratings.

I understand it's hard when your vying against so many stunningly beautiful, plus size models for the cover of People, Elle, Vogue and other magazines typically reserved for skinny people, those who's lives really matter, such as yourself. How dare they get any positive attention and recognition!

I can hardly blame you for your "Dear Fat People" video, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Not to mention the more successful and talented Fat Comedians, Fat Actors/Actresses and Fat singers with their Gold and Platinum albums, Oscars, Emmys, Fashion lines, Sitcoms and shows on TLC...shout out to my girl who doesn't let anyone dull her shine- Whitney Thore, the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, I LOVE you!

When I first watched your video I couldn't help but think... there had to be some kind of misunderstanding, the video is probably just your Mean Girls 2 audition video, which I am truly sorry you did not get the part, because you were very convincing!

I was so confused...How is this prejudice, discriminatory, snide, catty, spiteful, malicious, disrespectful, self-serving, shameful narcissistic rant considered to be comedy, let alone funny? If this was sincerely your intent it must be so exhausting to be you...seriously who are you and where is your handler?

I just keet thinking how you would be the perfect "Tough Love" tag team partner for Jillian on the show “The Biggest Loser”…I mean, you’re such an expert on the health and well-being of fat people, having a celebrity of your caliber on the show would make the seasons ratings go through the roof and I know all the network executives would eat it up!
Between the two of you, with all your bullying, humiliation and verbal abuse I think you just might actually drive a contestant or two to take their own life-then you could add a "People Who Commit Suicide Are Weak And Selfish" rant video to your YouTube channel.

I hate to admit it but your "Dear Fat People" video just may have earned you a seat on the next Comedy Central Roast casting couch, a slot on the Howard Stern Show and the honor of being Donald Trumps official choice of running-mate for the Presidency of the United States...however you totally burned all your bridges and exhausted any REAL promising options available to you.

I'm not one for censorship, but all because a person has the freedom to say whatever the hell he/she wants, doesn't necessarily mean they should. No matter what race, gender, color and size, we all have our cross to bear. Moreover, I think yours just got a little heavier.

I am NOT amazed by the outpouring of love and support shown to us, thwarting your feeble attempt to get famous by riding on the backs of "Fat People". The majority of society is no longer afraid to do-the-right-thing and stand-up to bullies like yourself, your message is old news don't hide behind stereo types and gross misconceptions about people who are fat. You say you care about our health and want us around, then why don't you do something positive and productive about it, show some guts and be the change you want to see in this world if that is really your intentions, although I highly doubt it!

Honestly... I think blonde girls should be the ones truly offended by your "Dear Fat People" all have been fighting stereo types even longer than we have, all the way back to 1775 according to Wikipedia, when French prostitute Rosalie Duthe, satirised "Dumb Blondes" in the play Les curiosites de la Foire. Your actions have only set the movement back to the days when people assumed blondes were unintelligent, promiscuous and underachieving, that they only rely on their sexuality instead of their brains to get anywhere in life. Shame on you Nicole Arbour. Shame. On. You.

More importantly when your done with your five minutes of fame I want you to know... us "Fat People", we will be right here waiting to welcome you, into our big fat open arms!

Lastly, I hope anyone who watches your video and reads this letter realizes that there are WAY more, worse things in this life to be, then to be Fat.

XOXO Yours truly,
Fat Girl