Dear Life... Bring it on!

Subject: Dear Life... Bring it on!
Date: 9 Nov 2016

Dear Life,

I know you've been throwing up a lot of things to me ever since. There are even times that I thought I couldn't even handle it anymore. Can you still remember that time when you let my 2 sisters ran away with their lovers? Yeah, that one. I can actually still hear my Mama crying, my Papa drinking... those things... It was really dreadful. Losing 2 members of my family for only a gap of 2 months? How do you think I handled that one? I have to grow up ahead of my age because I have to be strong for my younger siblings. You took away my childhood. You took away those things that I should've enjoyed. But, thanks by the way, it made me who I am today.

How about that moment when I can't even choose my college course? That my parents would just tell me to stop my school because we don't have enough money for college. Can you still remember that? I was forced to enter the college that I never even thought about just so I can proceed. Don't you know how broken I was that time? But it didn't stopped me though. I graduated Magna Cum Laude. How was that, huh? Think you can beat me? I would still be grateful because I learned many things... Not to mention I learned it all the hard way, but still. How about that 3 years that I fucked up? Can you recall that? 3 wasted years. Wow! I am so glad it's over now. I am so glad that you made me strong enough to leave that fucked-up me behind. It left a scar... A very big scar that will always remind me how stupid I was. Somehow, the things that I did in the past still affects me now. It's still hindering some aspects but I know it will NEVER and it can NEVER stop me. I won many times over you.

I've proven how tough I am. No one can stop me from reaching my potential. Not even you, Life. No matter how many times I fucked up. No matter how many times I slipped. I would still stand up and raise my head telling you; "Hey Life? Bring it on! Is that all you've got?!"