dear ex best friend

Subject: dear ex best friend
From: shiane
Date: 14 May 2021

I thought we would be best friends forever, but apparently, we were too different. Not everybody we meet is supposed to hold a role in our lives forever. I guess we were only meant for the short term. No one starts a friendship, knowing that it’ll end. When we met, I hoped that our friendship would be long-term. I wanted you to be a bridesmaid at my wedding. I pictured us as adults with husbands that were friends. I, imagined us having children at the same time and them being friends. But that is no longer an option. in high school, we were extremely close; close enough, no one thought we would turn into strangers. But it happened. I no longer know what is going on in your life and you with mine. You are no longer my best friend, but someone that I once knew. Although, I am sorry for everything that happened to us, what I am not sorry for is that we went our separate ways. I believe that it is for the best for both of us. We are no longer fighting over stupid things that have no reasons to fight. Our friendship was toxic. You tried to hold me back from new friendships and new relationships. You weren’t there to support my plans. You tried to tell me that I made the wrong choices, but you had no right to do that. You had no role in those parts of my life. I got sick and tired of you telling me that what I was doing was wrong. I needed a best friend that would be there for me, no matter what my life choices were and you didn’t do that for me. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you or think about you. I just can’t have you in my life anymore. Just know that I am still there, silently cheering you on.
Your Ex-Best Friend