Dear Ex Best Friend

Subject: Dear Ex Best Friend
From: Me
Date: 11 Dec 2020

dear ex best friend,
hey, its me i just want to say i hate u rn. i know you don't think you did anything wrong but u did. u dont know this and i dont want u to... ever but i trusted u i really did and u replaced me! and i hate u for it because i was only 14 and u put me into depression and bad too. its been 2 years and i only just got out of depression, thats how bad it was. u used me! i was always there for u and u just pushed me away and i hate u so much but i still love u and i hate myself for it. i hate myself for loving u for hating u for my jealously issues for not telling my new friends for calling someone else my best friend for called u my ex best friend for letting u do this to me for letting u break me for fucking up this shit and for wanting u back for letting u go for living my fucking life and its ur fault
so yea i hate u but i still love u and thats what i wanna say,
your ex best friend