Dear Ex Best Friend

Subject: Dear Ex Best Friend
From: Your younger sister
Date: 3 Jan 2018

You left me. Your words just can't get out of my head. We're over. I wish I'll never see you again. You're dead to me. May you find others to take care of you and watch your back the way I did. Those are the things you said to my. Those are the words that ripped off my heart. I mean I don't even know what I did, what made me like that. I just don't know. And it's killing me. And I miss you. I miss you like hell. I'd do anything, I'd lose everything, I'd give everything to get you back. You're my life and you know that. You're the person that taught me how to love. You're my person. My guardian angel, my protector, my savor, my best friend, my older brother. You're my everything. Most of my friends say that you don't deserve even the least of my tears, but they say that cause they can't see what I see in you. They can't see your soul. They can't see the goodness in your heart. And I might get overjealous sometimes, but it's only because I'm insecure, aware of how wonderful and unique you are, and afraid of being replaced. You once told me that noone is above me, at least for you. What happened now? God I've been crying all the time the last 4 days, even when I'm sleeping... My eyes are burning, my chest is in constant pain.... Imagine what happens when I see you. When I hear your voice. When I smell your perfume....
My only wish for this year is for you to forgive me so that I be able to hug you again, and play with your perfect orange hair while you lay in my legs..

With the strongest love of all,
Your younger sister