Dear Dean Spanos

Subject: Dear Dean Spanos
From: Gabby R
Date: 6 Mar 2017

Dear Dean Spanos,
Congratulations. You've done it. You've done the impossible. You've beat out Eli Manning as the most hated man in San Diego. You know, the guy who refused to come play for the Chargers in San Diego? Yeah? You're worse. You didn't used to have the "most hated man in San Diego" title, but after moving the Chargers to Los Angeles without any notice, you've definitely earned it. After only addressing the fans through a short letter, you've most definitely earned it. I’m sure you already know why every human in the city of San Diego hates you, but if not, here’s why:
A letter. A measly five paragraph letter. 56 years. 56 years building a team, a community and a fan base in San Diego and you address the move to Los Angeles through a letter. You decided that you couldn’t even come on camera to address the public. You hid your face instead. That’s pathetic. The fact that you sent the same exact letter to season ticket holders (besides a few words) and couldn’t even take the time to write a separate one shows a lot about your character. We deserve more.
56 years the Chargers played in San Diego. Did that mean nothing to you? The memories, the triumphs and hardships we’ve all endured. My family has been season ticket holders since I was in 4th grade. I’m currently a freshman in college. I planned my entire school schedule around the Chargers games just so I could fly home and support this team every week. You can bet your ass I won’t drive two hours north to LA to support them anymore.

People save up yearlong to afford season tickets, they plan their schedules around going to these games. Attending these games is their life. You’ve not only angered season ticket holders, but you’ve pissed off the entire county of San Diego. Los Angeles doesn’t want you. The Rams organization doesn’t want you. The Chargers belong in San Diego and you know it.

You and your wife Susie (the most generous woman I’ve ever met, maybe she’ll rub off on you one day) have lived in San Diego for 30 years. You’ve raised your family here. In 1997, you guys carved your house into the side of a cliff overlooking La Jolla Shores (Ranch & Coast, 2015). Your family is literally a part of San Diego.

You took over this organization in 1994. Your father, Alex, built such a lasting legacy here. He gave to charity, gave back to the community of San Diego and supported those in need. He left the Chargers organization to you, and what did you do? You screwed it up. You ran it to the ground. All you had to do was simply follow in his footsteps. But no. You couldn’t do that. Your father would be extremely disappointed to see what you have done to the Chargers organization.

Somehow your greed overshined your morality and you moved the team. Your family is worth 2.4 billion dollars. You paid a relocation fee of $550 million dollars to the NFL (USA Today, 2017). The NFL was going to give you $300 million for the stadium. With the cost of the relocation fee and the NFL’s offer, you could have easily had enough money for this. Tell me again how you couldn’t afford to build this stadium?

I understand the stadium the Chargers play in is aged and trashed. Qualcomm isn’t of the highest quality and anyone with eyes could see that. We all wanted a new stadium. The Q holds memories, but at a certain point you have to remember that this stadium looks like it’s about to collapse. I also understand there was a vote to build a new stadium, and you said that if 50% of people voted yes , you would have considered keeping the Chargers in San Diego. However, you have to realize that vote was only offered on the ballot to people currently living in the CITY of San Diego. Not county. San Diego Charger fans come from all parts of the city, so obviously the vote wasn’t very representative.

Maybe someday you’ll grow a heart and move the team back to San Diego. It would be hard to forgive you, but I’m sure we could all try. We’re grieving, we’re frustrated, and most of all we’re heartbroken. You’ve lost a life-long, diehard Charger fan in me. I’ve invested my life into this team, and I know there are many people out there who have too. I don’t think any of this will settle in until football season rolls around again, and I’m sure all of our feelings of anger will come back. As for now, don’t show your face in San Diego ever again…unless you want to get jumped.

A heartbroken and life-long Chargers fan