dear aunt s

Subject: dear aunt s
From: your goddaughter
Date: 25 Feb 2015

Aunt S,
I’m writing you this letter to share with you my frustrations about our family’s current situation. Now I may not be involved in everything, but everything that goes on is effecting me in some way. Being the oldest daughter in my immediate house hold, I am privy to much of the details when it comes to what is happening. The reason for my knowledge is because my mother (your sister) is doing most of the arrangements and decision making alongside with my other Aunt (your other sister). You’re probably wondering why I know more than you, well it’s simple, I’m around and you’re not. Now I asked myself the question why that is, my conclusion, you couldn't be. Where were you when grandma fell the three times she did, not here. Where were you when both your sisters were taking care of your parents, not here. Where were you for when decisions and sacrifices were being made every single day, not here.
I get it, you too have a lot of difficulties happening in your life, and no one is blaming you for not being around. Physically not being around plus what you’re going through in your personal life is a valid reason. But when you do come and ask questions, don’t be expected to be involved in the decision making process. You come and go and don’t have a full grasp of what the day-to-day struggles are. I’m sorry if you feel offended by not getting the up-to-date, but the phone does work both ways. A simple call every other week would due, and if that’s too much, once a month is just as good. You wouldn't even have to call your sisters, but your niece would work just as well. But to complain and then threaten my family after months of neglect, leaves me with no other reaction, but discontent.
After all the heartbreak, deaths, and obstacles we have all gone through these past years, isn't time to be one team again? And when I say team, I mean being a team player, even if that means sitting on the bench and cheering for your other teammates making the plays. In no way are you being left out of anything, you’ll still get your participation trophy at the end of the season. So what I’m trying to say is, life is way too short to hold grudges and be petty. Every single day is a new day, why waste it on regrets and grievances from the past. Let us, all of us, make life simple for each other and fill it with patience and understanding. Why be estranged when we can be what God made us, Family.