The cycle of god of this world

Subject: The cycle of god of this world
From: Victor Porton
Date: 22 Aug 2019

“God of this world” (a phrase from the Gospel) means God limited to means of this world, limited God. “God of this world” means God limited by the principles of the Gospel.
God of this world is stupid. He crucified Christ. He every time repeats the same error: He tortures people to teach them. For example, I was starving and beaten by the head. This really taught me something: It taught me that this god is wrong.
Yes, despite great computing power the entity, who created this world, has, the word “stupid” is appropriate: He tortures people to make him taught that torturing is wrong. That his system is wrong.
One who makes all these so-called “trials” to teach people something by the way of damaging their brains by starving, beating, sickness, and also by no money to study and likewise, and by doing them offenses to damage their characters, is called the god of this world.
You could wonder: But isn’t the same applied to God (not limited by this world of by the Gospel)?
God did not create sufferings (in this world). I could try to explain it this way: The sufferings don’t really exist, maybe because this world is “flat”, I mean that it is relative, the existence of such things as human bodies is relative just like as speed and sizes are relative in Relativity Theory. Apply enough powerful flattening function to things of this world, and it would be flat space with no atoms. Certainly, if there are no atoms, there is no human bodies and sufferings. Sufferings exist only to inhabitants of this world and for the god limited by the Gospel, who wants to torture to teach and sacrifice.
The god of this world, who is the follower of the Gospel, that is the teaching that one needs to be tortured to make a sacrifice, is an authoritarian person. He has this vicious circles of error.
Read my book End of Gospel about more arguments that the age of the Gospel ends and we receive freedom from it.