For Craig and Rissy, With Love

Subject: For Craig and Rissy, With Love
From: Brian Boyle
Date: 10 Jun 2019
Craig Walker, Sonia Walker, Marissa Walker

I assure you, most solemnly, that I do not simply write the following words merely to see them tumble out of my head onto a blank page. Rather, I have chosen them, curated them carefully in order to convey successfully to you, the reader, the depth, the breadth, and the scope of Craig Walker's Herculean efforts to help and support his daughter, Marissa. You cannot imagine his sheer determination, his jaw-dropping exertion..., you cannot imagine the time, the effort, the energy, or the money spent. You simply cannot. I have often feared that the extreme effort Craig put forth, receiving little to no support or succor himself, would kill him..., that I would live to see my lifelong friend, my brother, buried. That he has done so Marissa's entire life is even more astounding. Craig is her primary parent, and he has always walked this path alone. He has done everything in his power to alleviate his daughter's suffering, always in a loving, but forceful and tenacious manner. That Craig has had, for over twenty years, to be a father and a mother and a care provider to his child is not only a testament to his indomitable will, but also an indictment, a condemnation of our society..., a society that would rather see the afflicted shuffled out of sight, forgotten, disposed of, than see them supported, uplifted, or made whole. Craig Walker has pushed himself beyond his own limits, beyond normal human limits, beyond even superhuman limits, to identify, to locate, to secure, and to assure the help and the support that his daughter, Marissa, so desperately needs.

Craig Walker on Twitter: @ForRissy #FrodoLives #IntoTheWest