Coronavirus - Call it a Day

Subject: Coronavirus - Call it a Day
From: Me
Date: 6 Mar 2020

Dear Governments, UN, Press and Media and all who are stampeding the nations with Coronavirus,

It is time to call it a day on this one and stop harming people and the economy.

A decade ago another fake flu was used for a ridiculous stampede scare that damaged the vulnerable and the economy. It died to nothing and was nothing, it was a mild virus, if it even existed, but the authorities and press and media pushed until they had haemmaroids to try and make people be dying of that scare flu. If anyone died, it was from the respiratory infection on top of other pre-existing conditions, and that could happen anyway, without a media scare flu. The same is happening now, except whoever the driving force behind it now is pushing it much harder, forcing deaths from it and panic even harder than was done with 'Swine Flu' a decade ago.

'Swine flu' was always a joke for 'Pigs might Fly before this becomes a real illness or a real danger'. Then they gave it a click name H1N1 to make the sheeple feel that they knew something and were in on the click. The same has happened now, they call the use of whatever winter Viruses are around to scare and panic people 'Coronavirus' and then change it to Covid-19, to make the sheeple think that they know something. Terrifying isn't it, that people can be manipulated this way, stampeded, made to feel that their lives are in danger.

Put it this way. A few people dying of a virus or complications relating to pre-existing conditions, and the whole world is being forced to stampede, when hundreds of deaths per day by road accidents are happening, and yet the government hasn't confiscated car keys and banned driving. These ridiculous manufactured 'viruses' make the human race into idiots and animals.

'Swine Flu' died out to nothing after damaging livelihoods and the economy just because of government and media-led panic. For a few people dying when they were already sick. Now I am writing this as a person with feeble lungs and a heart murmur, I write it as a person who got through each winter in the UK by luck and usually with serious chest infections before I left the UK for better air and a better health system, so I know how serious viruses are, and yet fake viruses are only serious when they are used to stampede people.

Think about it, a few deaths, no proof to the general public that this is a serious or infectious disease or even real, and the world is forced to a standstill and has this virus rammed into their brains daily by the press and media until it affects all lives and people have it forced on them and into their conversations - I don't want to be writing about it, I am writing a book, I would rather not be the one speaking up about this repeat of the fake flu 'epidemic' of 10 years ago, and presumably this fake flu - plague and end of the world scenario will keep recurring until they can create one that actually does affect real people and does kill people. Remember the winter flu? Before we had heating and other mod cons, the winter flu was a really serious condition, still is, and people were laid up with it for weeks, and some died. But they have to invent these new fake flu's, because 'There is no vaccine' or they invent one when the fake flu has died out, never to be mentioned again, like 'Swine Flu'. Wake up and take a stand against this rubbish until it stops wrecking lives.

It is interesting to see the UK government caring more about sick pay for coronavirus victims than the victims of recent flooding, basically encouraging and upholding the fake virus. While the majority of the population are silent except for their fears and spreading their fears. The UK has apparently opened 'drive-thru' testing for Coronavirus, oh dear, I thought that there was no money for health services, what about drive-thu testing for cancer and heart and blood pressure problems now, if the money is there? Or is the money only there to keep raising this fake virus?

You will have heard of 'self-isolating' a new adition since the 'Swine flu' failed to have the ultimate devastating effect? It is designed to sound masochistic and to encourage vouyuerism, and of course to encourage the vulnerable to cut themselves off from other people, it is a terrible state of things when the whole world takes part in this ridicuous game and no one comments. Ask for the facts, the figures and proof, and don't be like sheep, the sheep-like panic is affecting the rest of us by needlessly forcing services and stores closed and taking away our essentials, and thus it does have the potential to cause a huge health crisis just from hysteria.

The other click-word for the sheeple was 'Super-spreader' they decided that some person deserved to be branded and shamed and made to fear for their safety for being a 'super-spreader' of media scare flu a few weeks ago, and yet the media are only reporting 116 or 118 cases of media scare flu this week. Now, do spreaders of the common cold, which can kill people who are frail or with underlying illnesses and spreads a lot faster than 116 to 118 cases in weeks, a 'super-spreader'. The media's use of sexually -connotated words in this mass deception is incredible and so is the lack of thinking. If things were different, many many jobs would be lost because of these malicious and harmful deceptions. How many of the 118 cases were caused by the 'super-spreader' who no-one could identify even privately? What a huge load of bullshit and open shallow deception this whole matter is. Don't be stupid enough to go on upholding it.

One of the first signs of a fake flu scare that will leave your life restricted and the normal services and daily activities around you closed down for no reason is that the archaic and collapsing church of england will be made to use the fake flu as a media stunt. The dying and abusive church are desperate for attention, for example recently forcing all their old members to unwillingly take part in a stunt about caring about the environment for Lent, because they have been forced and shamed into it. Media Scare flu is a great PR stunt and shows how, rather than being a Godly and Christian organisation, they are a worldly, political organisation which takes part in scares. Churches have a big part in making the peope stampede at scares. That is what Lambeth Palace is about, controlling what is left of the church for political purposes.

When the last media scare flu was forced to run rampant and leave people controlled and scared. I was actually still part of the church of england and watched in horror as what I thought was a Christian church, took part in spreading the scare and encouraging fear, they banned us from having communion or shaking hands or kissing during the peace. So we had a bring and share lunch after the service, making a mockery of the usual autocrat dictators who lead the church of england and usually get the sheeple 'flock' to dance to their tune. No one in the church or the area caught the fake flu.

A fake flu is one that anyone can be told they have got, no proof, no evidence. The problem with these fake flu's is that eventually we will all be diagnosed with one and many deaths will be faked, they are just building up to it. Give me proof that any of these fake flu's actually exist. That anyone diagnosed actually has proof that they have this illness rather than the many many common cold and winter viruses that go round at this time of year, including winter flu, that do kill people with other conditions.

Please pass this letter on to your press, media and government who are being total prats about the 'Coronavirus'. And see if we can get them to give us a break and another 10 years before they discover another 'plague' that will 'kill us all' and by then the scared and stupid world will probably be totally unquestioning and allow themselves to be totally controlled and herded like in those futuristic horror movies, or 'Logan's Run' remember that? That is where you will end up, or be 'put down' if you take part in these ridiculous stampedes.

Coronavirus is not going to 'kill us all', nor would you either notice it or be affected by it if it wasn't purely a political tool, and no one should be buying into the hysteria about it, they should be standing up to it, thinking for themselves. And in the event that you do get killed by Coronavirus, get back to me and I will apologise. I would probably be more likely to be killed by it than you, but as it is a fake disease that is more likely to affect my way of life, for example doctors' appointments and church services than my health, because of government-led panic and needless closing of services, I am unlikely to have to apologise to you.

It is really dangerous and malicious and selfish for the world to be shut down by these non-lethal and mild flu's, it is really harmful to the vulnerable for a flu to be used to scare and panic them and to close the services that they need. So please pass it on, it is time to give use a break from this nonsense. Be sensible, stop and think. let's eradicate the fake disease by knowing it is fake and that the disproportionate hysteria, lead eagerly by the bored and trashy press and media, is totally unneccessary. This nonsense needs to be stamped out before the next wave of it is even worse.

If you reply by saying that you know someone who has this 'disease', post the proof, the proof that it isn't just a normal winter virus, which is what it will be. If you claim to know that someone died of it, post the proof, the proof that they died of the fake flu itself, and not an underlying condition that the winter virus that they had was affected by. Why be part of a stampede that is harming people, services, jobs and businesses, why be part of it unless you are cruel and ignorant?
How many people would get winter flu in the old days? Thousands. The desperate pitiful UK media are currently whining about 118 people with media scare flu and one death, no proof, nothing to back up that the death from media scare flu was caused by the media scare flu, which is simply the same as the last one, a mild virus being used as a tool to stampede people.

Would you believe that one media outlet is even trying to make media scare flu into a positive, saying it has 'shone a light onto our I'm so busy culture'? That is the dregs of the media now, trying to make a mass scare that is wrecking lives by closing services down into something good.

So don't take part in ruining lives, take a stand. On the Subject, why not read Stephen King's 'The Stand' and see what a serious virus is like. I have been reading it by co-incidence, and it depicts a real deathly virus, whose survivors don't dwell on it or get unneccessarily hysterical even when burying their dead. It was caused by the government, by the way. But the current and last media scare flu were caused to distract people from other things going on politically. And that is how this will continue unless people take a stand, think for themselves rather than being led, and have faith in their own ability to think and to look after themselves.

As for people being detained against their will, as long as they sue and sue hard, maybe this repetitive ass hysteria can be wiped out. It is unclear why the UK government, after a very dodgy election and open interference by the church of england in order to win, and their subsequent destruction of the UK by Brexit, also need the coronavirus to further destroy the country, although taking teyes off the failing Brexit talks may be one reason.

You will notice that if this fake flu goes on, no important figures will get it, and they won't be likely to spoil their pretty private-school formed features with masks either.

Pass this on to your press and media and government. The fake flu has run its course, people are becoming immune rather than dying out.


Someone Very Cross