conservatives commentators pundits

Subject: conservatives commentators pundits
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 25 Mar 2018

I want to say to all you conservative commentators pundits that come on the shows just wish you would absolutely have legitimate facts when you present your case to the journalist/anchor when you're defending Donald Trump .you know the journalist is going to fact check your views whether in front of you or later .I know you 're trying to impress or make one audience happy & that's donald trump. Donald Trump shows no respect or admired to anyone but, Donald Trump. I hear a lot of you commentators want to give credit to donald trump economy the way he handle north korea & the russians asis that donald trump isn't a racist it basically isn't accurately true the economy was good before he took office asis is still around &his comments towards minorities stink calling people of minorities live in s**t h*les countries.the ones that support donald trump most of you are just like him in eve every way except you're not in the whitehouse you're talking pundits that share views on donald trump &his administration!