Congressman Jody Hice

Subject: Congressman Jody Hice
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 6 Dec 2017

Mr. Hice you need to reconsider of voting for this tax bill that you & your colleages want to pass this week to the american people. This bill is clearly favor the corporate business & the rich families of where the coporate is getting a 20% tax cuts which I heard is going to permanently while middle & low class is getting a 32 & 35 tax cuts if not mistaking increases taxes on the middle& low class families. It's seems to me that you"re giving the coporate & rich more money & the rest very little basically nothing .you're awarding the rich for very little they contribute only to the gop politicians &yet you& your colleages is more harder on the middle class that work harder by giving them less back of their hard earn money! I know you politicans like senator Hatch thinks that people want a handout & that people doesn't want to help themselves wants the goverment to do everything personally that thinking is the most ingorant thing that I ever coming out of a human being mouth. I personally take offense to that ignorant thinking I work all my life for my money .I can only speak for myself I don't want a handout however, I think the democracy should be equal to all everyone should pay their fair share .the government should work everyone not just those donors 1%percent families for everyone!The next thing I want to say that daca dremers should be kept in the USA it was no wrong doing on the dreamers part they should live in the usa enjoy life & prosperity .


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