congress bapartisam bill to keep mueller

Subject: congress bapartisam bill to keep mueller
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 19 Apr 2018

I want to say congress particular Mitch Mcconnell you must consider the bapartisam bill that democrats &republicans put together to keep Robert Mueller continue to investigate the russains interference in the 2016 elections .I don't trust Donald trump in saying he want mueller if any way donald trump wants to cover up the potential eviedence of perhaps the trump campaign was working with russians donald trump would do anything to cover his fat a** in which he would fire mueller perhaps stopping the investigation!the american people deserve to know the truth in what happen in the 2016 elections.Mcconnell if you don't decide to take this bill to a vote then you're be just a guilty basically excuding that the fact the trump campaign &russians was perhaps working together to help trump win a election .this isn't about donald trump nor the russians this is about the american people on who the american people decision on who to elect as president who represent the americans values .congress must protect the freedom of fair elections not just one person!