Confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh - Open Letter to US Senators

Subject: Confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh - Open Letter to US Senators
From: Frustrated but Hopeful
Date: 1 Oct 2018

First of all, let me state that I am an independent voter, has no affiliation with any party and I am planning to stay independent.
However, after the last hearing I had an impression that Senators on the democratic side of the Judiciary Committee lost their human face.
Well, let see why the confirmation of the very deserving judge has been severely delayed. And now the left mob wants to delay it even more. Based on what? The Senate hearings did not break Brett Kavanaugh a bit.
It became even more obvious that the President's choice nominating Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court was the right one. It would be very difficult to find more qualified and impartial nominee.
But now it was time for the radical left to find an accuser or even better several of them!
Considering that "Me Too" movement is very popular now days, it's obvious that accusation should be of sexual harassment.
So, let's examine the accusers. Let's start from the last one - Julie Swetnick. It turns out that she is a professional accuser. She would accuse anyone of anything, apparently as long as the price is right. And, no wonder that her accusations turned out to be false.
Let's talk about the second accuser Deborah Ramirez. By her own accounts she was heavily drunk, had fussy vision and "possibly" saw Brett Kavanaugh at the alleged party. Her story is so unreal that even such liberal paper as New York Times refused to print it. Her story is only for tabloid, which is still fine for such radical left senators as Cory Booker, Richard Blumenthal, Dick Durbin and some others.
Now, let's talk about the main accuser - Christine Blasey Ford and her testimony which many radical left senators called "heroic".
Rachel Mitchell - representing the Republicans side of the committee, was way too soft questioning the accuser.
Of course, we did learn that Mrs. Ford had no idea where the alleged party was, how she got to the party, what kind of car she was riding in, and who was driving it to and from the party.
Mrs. Mitchell did show us that it was impossible to get to the party by walking - it was too far from home. We also know that none of the witnesses named by Mrs. Ford, including her friend, can corroborate her story. Unfortunately Mrs. Mitchell did not ask her what 15-years old girl was doing at the drinking party, and whether her parents knew where she was. Mrs. Ford said that she had one beer. Was it really just one? And what kind of beer was it - 4%, 6%, 8%? Was it bottled beer or in plastic cups from a keg? Ordering a keg or couple kegs of beer is most popular among students. And then one beer might be 12 ounce, 16 ounce or even 20 ounce. But even one beer can easily make 15-years old girl drunk. And then a young teenager can imagine anything.
As a PHD psychologist Mrs. Ford must be familiar with works of
the distinguished psychologist David Hamilton. I am referring specifically to his research which provides scientific prove that with prolonged visualization of the same event, human brain can not recognize whether the event is real or imaginary. This is proved by the scans of the brains of the group of people that experienced the real event vs. the group of people that visualized the same event. The changes in the scan were absolutely identical. The technique of visualization is now used even during training of the US olimpians.
We all know how easy it is for a young teenager to imagine an event and then, 36 years later, actually believe that the event was real. And, by the way, in this case a person who experienced this event only in his/her imagination can easily pass the polygraph test.
Of course the democrat senators, especially the group that I named previously, did not want to give even a drop of a doubt to Brett Kavanaugh's testimony. The drilling was aimed for him to look guilty for the media and for the court of public opinion.
Of course, Brett Kavanaugh got angry. Wouldn't you be, if you are wrongfully accused without any evidence. Shame on you, so called "democrats". You make this word sound dirty.
Get back to your humanity (if you have any left,) and confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.
Frustrated but Hopeful