Coercion and the Covid passport

Subject: Coercion and the Covid passport
From: Rob Scrannage
Date: 28 Jul 2021

RE : vaccine passports & injecting your way to freedom.

It is likely that some will find this lengthy post unsavoury being that it is in direct opposition to the prevailing media, government and health policy consensus. That being said, now is not the time for silence. Fair warning, this is the most brutally honest i have ever been on a public platform and won't be for the faint hearted.
Final point, as heavy handed as this content is, i do so not because i'm pessimistic. If that were true, i would not be saying anything at all, containing my voice for fear of futility. I am optimistic that each of us can inspire change, no matter how small our perceived radius of influence.
Perception is perhaps the biggest player in this game and it will be addressed to illustrate certain points.
On the matter of coercion and vaccine passports.


What does that word mean to you? Has it's meaning changed? Do you now say it from the corner of your mouth with a touch of disdain and embarrassment? Does it now conjure an image of some jobless whelp holding a placard, wearing a David Icke t-shirt in London, needlessly complaining about the infringements we suffer. If only he would just shut up and do what he's told? It would be over now, wouldn't it? People like that are just selfish. Actually, they're stupid. They're stupid because they don't understand science. I do. Because it's simple. Do what your told.
Doesn't he know we're in 'a global pandemic'?

Here's the problem though. You have done what you're told. Most of you, anyway. Where exactly has it got you? What have you achieved? What have you lost in exchange for doing so? What have you yet to lose? How long do you anticipate this will last? Is this what they meant when they told us to accept a 'new normal' all the way back in March of 2020?

If you think that freedom is something you can 'get back' or negotiate by capitulating to the demands of the prevailing orthodoxy, no matter how far removed the dominant narrative is from the truth, then you never understood the concept of freedom to begin with. Having already handed over the rights you had, entirely through manufactured fear and anxiety propelled by the largest co-ordinated official propaganda campaign I have ever seen, it is clear that freedom was never valued or intrinsically understood by the majority. It is clear, that this very concept is being re-calibrated by the establishment to mesh with the roll out of a bio-security state and a financial reset to offset the unsustainable and criminal theft of much of population's wealth.
In essence, our own administrations are attempting to force you to contract with them, on behalf of the private institutions actually calling the shots. Pressuring you into accepting new terms and conditions on how freedoms and liberties are dispensed, when they are permitted and by whom they are afforded. Soon, only those who accept and fully integrate this absurd new paradigm will be afforded token liberties, but even this will eventually reveal itself to be a fallacy. By then it will be too late and any effort to revert to a free market system will be next to impossible to achieve. Time for self-reflection is very much of the essence, particularly in regard to where your ethical and moral standards lie.

We are witnessing the ushering in of a social credit system that will enforce permanent top down, authoritarian control. The vehicle has been 'covid-19' and with it the re-acquaintance and exploitation of our fear of death. This has been applied to 'crack open' the debate on what is fair, what is expected of us and where we are going in the face of this seemingly unending crisis.
A crisis that, for me, never even started because i did not allow it to penetrate my life in the way that many others have. Instead, my initial and now confirmed source of anxiety was driven purely by how WE would respond. Or, to put it another way...How we are being programmed to respond.

Rights you were born with have been stolen and sold back to you, re-packaged as privileges based on social compliance dictated by the state, with the most obedient and unquestioning allegiant to the state narrative rewarded with the most privileges. For example, most know nothing about the products that they have allowed themselves to be injected with and are oblivious to the impending consequences. I won't go into detail here. Frankly i don't have the stomach for it yet. Suffice it to say that dark days lie ahead.

Is this how you want to live going forward? Ask yourself in earnest.

A state drone without the ability to contest what gets injected into your body and when? And for what? To go to a football match? To keep your job? You'd forfeit your bodily autonomy permanently to go to Benidorm twice a year? Personally i find the concept to be revolting, cowardly and infantile, least of all because as you sacrifice your own rights, you sacrifice the subsequent generations by default.

It's up to us to shake off this authoritarian approach to governance. No one is coming to do it for us or tell us how. But it has to start with the individual no longer complying with trivial, illogical, humiliating and arbitrary demands rooted in fallacy. You also have to come to this conclusion yourself, which for some of you will be like learning to breathe underwater.

Here's some rational advice you may have forgotten. If you are poorly, stay at home until you are better. If you struggle, seek medical assistance. We should not be expected to participate in fraudulent testing for a disease we don't have when we are not unwell. Wilfully naive people are happy to outsource the responsibility for their own health to be shouldered by the community. I am not referencing the disabled and handicapped for which provisions should always be made but to the majority of healthy adults who have succumbed to a stunning inversion of this principle, particularly in regard to what (in this particular instance) i begrudgingly call vaccination.

We are expected to live in a fictional reality where we pretend that masks, testing and lockdowns have prevented the spread of illness when they have all failed multiple times before our eyes. A manufactured theatre scripted by the mainstream news outlets to psychologically dislocate us from the previous norms.

We have been encouraged to think of our compliance to state instruction as virtuous. This has been remarkably easy for most to adopt because of the surface level dopamine reward one gets when they are accepted as part of a broader group. If you rely on group consensus to tell you what is right and what is wrong without having a firm moral code of your own then you can be easily 'purchased' by the dominant, trendy or popular ideology that is disseminated through highly skilled marketing techniques.

Over the past 18 months they have repeatedly demonstrated that no matter how many hoops you jump through, it will never be enough. They have applied carrot and stick policy to drive compliance. They have used applied behavioural psychology against the public for their own ends. Don't even try to argue with me, it is written in their own documentation which they flaunt openly. I'm absolutely disgusted at what the majority of people will accept. Virus or not.

You could be forgiven for thinking that when i say 'they' i am referencing our immediate government, who are fulfilling their roles at the behest of global networks. But realise this. Thinking Boris Johnson, or Joe Biden are 'in charge' of anything at all is a lot like looking at the branch manager of a Mcdonalds and thinking they own the company. I am referencing the real power structures who are smart enough to not make themselves publicly visible. Central bankers, the military and pharmaceutical industrial complex, large media parent conglomerates like Blackrock and Vanguard, European royalty and a host of elite families and institutions working through vehicles like The World Economic forum. They hide in plain sight. We are all familiar with the companies they fund and bail out right under our noses, often using our money to do so. Companies like Pfizer and Glaxo-smith cline and Astra-zenica.

There are no men in shadowy rooms conspiring against you. They are not perched on comfortable leather armchairs with Bond villain smirks gently stroking white cats. There is no roadmap for world domination spread out on a mahogany table. They are bankers, billionaires, life insurance executives. Little boys trying to hold onto their control and their wealth as they plunge the planet into chaos. They are sinister people, who do not share your values or moral code. They simply do not care about your feelings, thoughts or what you find acceptable. But they are diligent, hard working, hyper-productive, industrious and most importantly unified in a common goal. Something they try desperately to prevent us from doing.

Did you get caught up in the black lives matter campaign? The 'Me too' movement? All genuine and horrifying events used to facilitate one thing.


Take Richard Branson, for example. Not a player in the above sense but someone who has been bailed out with taxpayer funding and has used it to compete in dick measuring contests to commercialise space. During the test run, he produced more carbon emissions that 10,000 American hummers in one go. He shot his proverbial load into our atmosphere. Your money.
Yet these people lecture us about our contributions to the destruction of the planet via human caused climate change. Right in your face. All the time. Which should tell you that he either doesn't believe in his own bullshit or he doesn't care. Take your pick.


This last 18 months has taught me a lot about the fragility of western morality. Now you know how you would have responded in Nazi Germany. Now it's plain to see. If you're for a proof of vaccination, you're for segregation. You're for a proverbial 'movement license'. It doesn't matter if you're only doing it because you think you can't change things. Participation is support, whether you agree with the concept or not. No excuses. No exceptions. Participation is submission, even if you hate it.
Ive met all types. Would be informants who snitch on their neighbours for breaking arbitrary and nonsensical covid 'restrictions'

Mindless enforcers of brutal and inhumane diktats. They are the men and women in our police, security and health institutions who blindly follow instruction to the detriment of their fellow human beings regardless of morality and common decency. To continue to inhabit their place in society. For a pay check of all things. Which, in the very near future is going to mean nothing at all.

"i was just doing my job"

"I was just"

Psychologically speaking, it's far too late for a lot of people. Pulling them back into the (now foreign) reality of 2019 is going to be impossible, so complete is the transformation, so speedily and well adopted the new language, terminology, behaviour and ideology has been integrated into peoples very identity that it warrants comparison to a religious cult. Ive seen people wearing t-shirts proudly displaying their medical history. Ive seen people with plastic bags around their heads. It is becoming a dangerous cult with the backing of the corporate media, powerful institutions, brands and celebrity icons.

A cult that has made segregation and discrimination an attractive means to an end. A cult that thrives on moral inversions. So weak and demoralised, it relies on marxist fundamentals to achieve its collectivist hive mind - The greater good. It attacks it's opponents, usually through covert means. Character assassination and reputation demolition. It cowers when confronted with an arena for fair debate. It retreats and progresses according to the wave of news cycles and popular consensus. It feeds on collective fears.

History has shown us where this road goes more than once. The human race appears to still be in its infancy, refusing to learn from the mistakes of our bloodied past. Just as the majority buried their heads in 1935, many are doing the same today. Plugging their ears and hoping for the best while manipulating forces seal the doors shut behind you.

On our current trajectory we have little more than a year before people wake up and wonder how their lives are being micro-managed under a marxist/communist regime. Capitulate to fascism and what do you get? Fascism. Not socialism. Not some 'forward thinking progressive utopia' - A technocracy run by psychopaths who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. Who view you as little more than cattle. A commodity for exploitation. And who can blame them when it is this easy? If people don't mind being told to restrict their own breathing, if they don't mind the state having more authority over their bodies than themselves then why wouldn't a psychopathic dominant entity take charge? You understand we're breeding this type of leadership with our moral weaknesses and our proclivity for comfort and safety.

Read 'The 10 stages of Genocide' and tell me where we are in regard to one particular group of people being slandered in the press. Are we not dangerously close to affiliating so-called 'Anti-vaxxers' with diseased vermin to be excluded, separated, relocated and then what? Exterminated? Does that sound silly to you? Watch carefully for more aggressive rhetoric in the mainstream press in the near future before concluding.

"It's not my responsibility to do anything, i'm just little old me, i just want a happy life, left to do what i want in my own little bubble."

Sound familier?

It's full blown 'Black Mirror' territory to require a needle to go to a restaurant and you know it. Even if it is simply a coercive strategy for uptake. It's madness considering they openly tell us everyday that the injections DO NOT PROVIDE IMMUNITY, PREVENT TRANSMISSION, OR PROTECT YOU FROM SYMPTOMATIC ILLNESS.

They want you to accept that 2+2 = 5 to make your new reality more palatable.

We are ACCEPTING that our governments are blackmailing us, lying to us, stealing from us. This effectively makes us a broken, morally destroyed underclass with nothing transcendent to aspire to. Persistent, engineered apathy sewn through the media day after day and we drink it down. Repeated and widespread learned helplessness is prevailing and with it the abuse we incur.

"But i couldn't do anything about it, even if i wanted to"

Is this not exactly the desired mentality they wish to foster? The truth is precisely the opposite. The opinions you hold and the behaviour it produces is the most valuable commodity on the planet.

Are you listening? You are valuable. What you think, feel, say and do has tangible real world value. If it is harnessed correctly, it can be used to express the desires of those controlling the inputs. In this case via the mainstream media. The new corporate high priests of health policy. The ministry of truth....

That is why billions are spent every year via advertising, news coverage and media campaigns to shape it. Without the 'correct' shared majority opinion this new world could not have been created. They have made you co-conspirators to your own enslavement. Culpable in the construction of a jail cell that awaits you. Culpable in the unified rampant condemnation of those with the courage to speak against the daily unfolding nightmare we are being ushered towards, emboldened by the bias, centrally owned media outlets. Humanity has successfully been weaponised against itself.

Its an utterly insane precedent to require proof of a medical procedure. A complete forfeiture of human rights. The fact is, the injections that have been marketed as vaccines are irrefutably unsafe. They are not licensed. They are authorised only under this media generated emergency authorisation. They are still under clinical trial until 2023. To expect me to risk harm to myself in order participate in society is beyond description. To what degree the safety concerns are is yet to be seen as medium and long term adverse effects have not yet had the time to manifest. But i know for a fact that some of you are quietly suffering as a result, perhaps not realising the origin of your new health issues. Short term side effects have already cost the lives and health of hundreds of thousands. Millions globally. Already. It's on record as having killed more people than any of the other *actual* vaccines in history.

Some of you are probably thinking "Well i had it and i'm fine"
To that i say : "You are fine so far but more shots are on the way and you will be expected to participate, maybe forever"
One thing is certain. The power we relinquished on March of 2020 and the power we continue to freely dispense with is never ever given back by those who obtain it.

The hippocratic oath of first do no harm has been obliterated when it was needed the most. Abandoned in the hopium of drawing this fever dream to a close. Your deepest and most primal fears have been taken advantage of to accelerate an agenda that will be of no benefit to you. Precisely the opposite.
Further more, informed consent is not being provided as to the nature of the technologies currently being driven into the arms of billions of people. Period.

Yet... i would still defend to the death, your right to choose to participate in what is tenuously called 'vaccination against covid' but i expect, I DEMAND the same choice be afforded to me without retribution. Especially for a supposed virus with an average mortality above life expectancy and with a 99.97% survival rate, with symptoms rarely more severe than that of a common cold or flu. A virus that they are now telling us, can be transmitted via flatulence. It's almost funny, if it weren't for the hordes of people eating it up with a big spoon.

You have lost your mind if you still believe the response has been proportionate. Lost all reason. Banished to the lowest recesses of animal fear. We are in a holding pattern of a seemingly unending game of medical simon says. The media does not reflect reality, no matter how hard it tries to usurp it. We must make every effort to get off the hamster wheel. We must find the courage to say no when boundaries are crossed at the individual level. That might mean saying no when your boss asks you to submit for testing, when a business asks you to cover your airways to enter their store. But first you have to start asking questions. You have to dig for yourself to the source of the requests thats are being made of you, which takes substantial effort. Effort many of you simply don't have time for, made busy by the pace of your lives. Understand that they are being stolen from you as you settle down for the evening in front of the latest binge series on Netflix.

It will mean a range of things that requires knowledge and courage, but really it means taking back the life you had before this horrendous psychological operation and living it without instruction. Some cannot shoulder it. Some, even prefer this insipid Nanny state, crushed by the size of their own perceived inferiority. No one expects you to march around with a placard. No one expects you to attend protests. The real protest is the way you choose to live.

Free and without instruction.

If we capitulate as an individual, as a community, a nation, as a majority to what seems tantamount to state enforced medical rape, then we are accepting this new contract and accepting ownership by corrupted private global organisations that are AT BEST indifferent to your circumstances and AT WORST actively engaging in an effort to digitally enslave the population in a new financial social credit system.

I won't accept it. Consequences be damned. I won't forsake the next generation to a terminal life without choice. To perpetual bondage.

Now it's time to walk the walk after years and years of talking about the importance of data protection, confidentiality, privacy, respect, inclusion. How many of you are actually willing to do that now that it's difficult and unpopular to do so? Now that the entire world is begging for more overreach?

I know most people have an innate desire to do good and we all want a positive outcome. Our common good nature and proclivity towards care and empathy has been systematically mutilated in our desperation for relief. Point the finger not at each other but first at yourself and second at the real source of our collective woes. 7 Billion people cannot be locked down by force. We are all culpable. We all make decisions. Have those decisions supported or opposed your self-inflicted house arrest?

Finally, people equate 'being nice' with 'being good' and they really shouldn't. Most people have good intentions, it's true. The path to hell is paved with them. The latter does not tolerate authoritarianism at any capacity. It does not care about social acceptance or popularity. It does not accept repeated lies, excuses, gas-lighting, bullying and contradiction such as we have been fed by the institutions in which we have placed our trust. But a 'nice person' is easily manipulated into performing people pleasing theatrics, terrified of standing by moral principle when it is on the rocks, lest they offend someone or pay a social penalty, lose their job or their place in their perceived dominance hierarchy. A nice person is simply harmless, but not readily able to defend that which is sacred or stand up to cruelty when confronted with genuine malice. We do not have a shortage of 'nice people'. We have a shortage of courage and integrity.

Once again, we have arrived at a pivotal point in history where we are to be confronted with a bitter choice. Dangerous freedom or safe slavery.

Choose Wisely. Choose soon. Because the ride is about to start.