To Christian Apologists

Subject: To Christian Apologists
From: Anonymous
Date: 20 Sep 2021

You claim to be seekers and defenders of truth, but you are far from it. You attack those involved in the prosperity gospel, yet you do the exact same thing you attack those people for: selecting and choosing what you want to believe. You like to say “we need to stick to the sources!” Yet you listen to here say and gossip as if it’s the gospel truth about a person. You don’t care about the truth, even when it’s right in front of you. You are nothing more than a bunch of old church ladies who gossip in the prayer meeting, but worse. You will actually on one end encourage abuse victims to not be silent on their abuse and seek safety and help, and then turn around and tell them “if your life isn’t in danger just endure and shut up because you’re committing a grave sin.” You will listen to the abusers without even considering the evidence or facts, based on what? What the abusers say? What the abusers friends say? Whatever happened to the source? What about considering why the victim struggles with things like feeling suicidal? You throw out real evidence, just to listen to lies from snakes about things that go against what the victim believes or does. It’s easier to believe the victim is the evil one though right? Or the victim is so mentally ill that if the abuser says the victim can’t even clothe themselves, you’d believe it! Yet if the victim’s therapist said differently, you wouldn’t believe the therapist, because you don’t actually care about the truth. You may try to wash your hands of things to claim innocence, but everyone’s hands are filthy. If you hear there’s abuse going on and you either do nothing, defend abusers, or encourage victims to stay with abusers to please your own holier-than-thou status, then blood is on your hands. If that victim is harmed or dies, whether by the hands of the abuser or by suicide because their life became so insufferable, you are just as responsible as the abusers themselves. Even if you think you are able to get away with things in this life, God hates it when His children are oppressed, and for those who oppress others in the “name of God,” you will get yours in the next life just like the abusers, and it will be far worse than the justice you would’ve had to have been dealt with in this life if it’s in the next. God has a way with dealing justice, and woe to the man or woman who thinks they are doing God’s work, by crucifying abuse victims and defending abusers. You have shown your true colors, perhaps you choose to attack victims because you can’t stand to look at the ugliness in yourselves when you look in the mirror, so you try to deflect it on the victims. You will get yours one day, because the wicked will not always prosper, and God defends the weak.