China Foreign Teachers Union offers 1,000 rmb Reward For Legal Name Of This Chinese Scam Artist "Rosie" Using 14 Different Alias Names

Subject: China Foreign Teachers Union offers 1,000 rmb Reward For Legal Name Of This Chinese Scam Artist "Rosie" Using 14 Different Alias Names
From: CFTU (China Foreign Teachers Union)
Date: 23 May 2017

This Chinese TEFL job recruiter was arrested in 2014 and pled guilty to defrauding over 1,000 foreign teachers working in China through salary skimming, fraudulent contracts like this one here, and deducting fake taxes, and witholding security deposits, and illegally charging moneys for employment release letters. Unfortunately she was arrested under the false name of Rebecca Tang and when released from prison in 2016, she simply began using a another new false "Chinglish" name of "Rosie Tang". Such Chinglish names are impossible to trace or use in filing a criminal complaint or law suit. As you can see from the below links, she is now using 11 different ghost company names that only exist in cyber space as she continues to cheat foreign expat teacher job applicants in China, many of whom "coincidentally" fall victim to identity theft as well, and those who threaten to make problems for Rosie have a different problem to deal with:

Here are just some of over 380 complaints found on-line about how this woman cheated foreign teachers here in China. Ususally the amounts of the loss have been $5,000 - $10,000

To learn more about her simply google "Rebecca Tang, scam" or visit and search her various alias names:

So now that some victims have met one another and want to take the legal steps required to file a criminal complaint and get the woman permanently banned from the HR industry, it is essential that her real Chinese name be obtained. As Rebecca Tang, the woman invented this clever and costly scam now infamous in China and it is called "The Silent Scam"

We are therefore offering a 1,000 rmb reward to anyone who can provide a copy of her passport, driver's license, national ID card or birth certificate bearing her real legal Chinese full name. Please submit this information in strict confidence to [email protected] and advise where to transfer your reward after the police confirm the information you provide is valid. Your identity will not be disclosed to the police or anyone else.

For all who are reasing this article we urge you NOT to conduct any business with any Chinese person who refuses to identify themselves with their full and legal Chinese names. Fabricated Chinese names provide ZERO accountability since they are fabricated out of thin air.

If you are job searching in China you should probably educate yourself about scams NOW since 20% of all China job applicants become victims of identity theft.

And before sending your resume or personal informatiom to ANYONE related to a China job be sure you ask them these 7 critical questions to ensure you are not being scammed:

Good luck to you in your China career and thank you for your help in finding this career criminal on the loose in China using these 11 names to defraud people: With 1.4 Billion real people living in China, you can imagine how hard it is to locate one of them using 3 different fake names (Rebecca, Rosie, Rose) and 11 different company names! Xie Xie!