The Case for Tom Flores' Induction into The Pro Football Hall of Fame

Subject: The Case for Tom Flores' Induction into The Pro Football Hall of Fame
From: southbayscott
Date: 21 Feb 2016
Tom Flores

Dear Pro Football Hall of Fame members,

I am contacting you to point out the injustice of Tom Flores not being a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He has contributed so much to the game that cannot and should not be overlooked. The diversity that the NFL desperately strives to achieve, started with this man many decades ago. His accomplishments at every level of the game are unrivaled. And yet, he remains on the outside looking in. Flores was the first Hispanic starting quarterback in the NFL. The first Hispanic head coach to win a Super Bowl. Not once, but twice. He was also the first Head Coach to win a Super Bowl as a Wild Card team. And the first Hispanic to serve as Club President and General Manager. That's not only diversity, that's SUCCESSFUL diversity! In addition, Flores has won four Super Bowl rings and an AFL Championship ring as well. He also pulled off one hell of a Hat Trick by winning a Super Bowl as a player, Assistant Coach and Head Coach. I'm sure I've probably left out some of his many other accomplishments, but I think you get the point. Tom Flores provided the blueprint on what it takes to be successful in a league that truly lacked opportunities for minorities in its history. I find it peculiar that Tony Dungy was elected to the Hall of Fame before Tom Flores. Although Dungy's record may be impressive and deserving of enshrinement, Flores' body of work clearly exceeds that of Mr. Dungy. I ask that you please seriously consider Tom Flores for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is categorically qualified and undeniably deserving of such an honor.

Thank you