"Calling" All Girls

Subject: "Calling" All Girls
From: A Future Female Minister
Date: 20 Nov 2017

My Dearest Young Lady,

If you’re reading this, then there is a good possibility that you’ve already received a Calling of some sort. Maybe you feel Called to lead a congregation of your own, or maybe to be another type of religious leader, or even a non-religious position. You may also have been told that this is not something you can do, because of your gender. I was once in that position myself. When I was 8 years old, I went to a Southern Baptist church camp with my cousins one summer, where I was told that I couldn’t follow what I felt was my Calling to the ministry, simply because I was “just a girl.” My heart was broken, and at that point I decided I could no longer belong to a faith that felt I was worth less than a boy. However, a few years ago, I found a church that actually encourages women to join their leadership and ministry positions, and recently began my journey to become a minister.

While I was able to change my faith because of something like this, this does not mean that you have to as well. Instead, FIGHT. Fight for your Divine rights to become anything you want. No one person is any better than any other, especially because of any external traits, whether that be gender, skin color, sexuality, or anything else. You are absolutely not “less than.” You are not inferior in any way. You are just as valuable and important as any male. Your abilities to lead come from within you. You can absolutely fulfill your destiny.

Don’t let these people deter you, or turn you away, from following your dreams and goals, no matter what they are. I honestly don’t believe that any Higher Power would have put this Calling in your heart (or the hearts of so many other females) if it were wrong. Women have gained so much in recent years: we hold high political offices, we run major corporations (companies), and we fight against inequality all over the world. We can do this too. WE ARE POWERFUL. WE ARE STRONG.

One person alone might not be able to change the world, but if the countless women and young ladies like us band together, we can change it all. If we work together to fight this intolerance and repression (or holding back) of females, and present a united front, we can end this inequality among the sexes. We can end this male supremacy and change the patriarchal (meaning men are considered better and control more) society that’s in our world today. Follow your hopes, your dreams, your Callings. And please know, that I am behind you rooting you on, and pray that the Divine gives you the strength and voice to chase your dreams and be who you truly feel meant to be. I love you all, dear girls.

With Love, Respect, Hope, and Many Blessings for You,

Kris Oxford-Vaughn

P.S.- You can also follow my journey (and maybe begin your own) throughout by checking out the blog that I plan to update often throughout this adventure (at www.journeyofafuturefemaleminister.wordpress.com), as well as the “Female Empowerment Playlist” that I’m attaching to this letter. I hope all of this gives you the strength and inspiration you need to get through whatever you face.
PLAYLIST: https://play.google.com/music/playlist/AMaBXykRN-ceFgz2tA4x3xuGY9u72ycbc...

(You may have to log in with a google play account, or create one to be able to hear all of the songs completely instead of just samples, or simply take the songs titles and use them as examples to create your own playlist!)