To cable & local media

Subject: To cable & local media
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 8 Apr 2020

This goes out to all media why you keep airingThe whitehouse coronavirus task force when you have Donald Trump continuing to give misinformation to viewers instead of airing just the doctors &experts with knowledge of this virus.viewers is expected to get accurate information basically the truth instead you have Donald Trump lying to the america people in what his administration jas done whether it's testing medical equipments etc that been proven that his adminstration hasn't done or did very little to provide any resources to other states & local governments!Every single coronavirus task force meetings donald trump is boosting about what he did about the coronavirus as well among other things he &his administration has done not to mention Trump isn't been honest to reporters when ask direct questions about the virus or equipment instead he arguing with reporters that not helping to solve this health crises over twelve-thousands or more has been loss it would helpful if the media would only air the doctors &experts when talking to the media I wish you stop airing trump's taskforce meetings enough of this igorant clown let the real experts talk.&reportersinstead of Donald Trump.donald trump isn't no doctor promoting a drug thay hasn't been tested that can either harm people ot kill them.