Bruce Gorcyca is once AGAIN exonerated of fake criminal charges just like six other authors, whistle-blowers and witnesses of government crimes also endured for years. How to stop this political vengence???

Subject: Bruce Gorcyca is once AGAIN exonerated of fake criminal charges just like six other authors, whistle-blowers and witnesses of government crimes also endured for years. How to stop this political vengence???
From: Fed Up With The FBI dirty tricks & Government Censorship
Date: 12 Dec 2019

We do not live in China, North Korea, nor Nazi Germany, yet it appears we may soon fall victim to the same oppression - as predicted by George Orwell in his prophetic novel 1984 written way back in the early 1950s.

Bruce Gorcyca has been charged with 9 crimes over the last 30 years (ever since he began exposing government crimes in the Coast Guard in 1974) and at 5 other government agencies and corporations where he was employed including the U.S. Treasury Department, Department of Justice, Federal Aviation Administration, a huge Fortune 500 corporation, and even a government front company called AFG where 87 secret Panama bank accounts for government officials were set up at their sister company Morgan & Morgan. He also exposed some past corporate crimes, and saved the lives of over 5,000 people by exposing the HIV tainted blood supply of the American Red Cross blood banks back in 1990 that aired in a CBS 60 minutes segment "Bad Blood" hosted by Meredith Viera. As a 7 year American Red Cross volunteer, Gorcyca was the anonymous informant who warned every surgeon in South Florida, the FDA, and CBS news.

Getting back to those 9 crimes, 8 of them were exposed as smear jobs in which charges were dropped by astute judges or Bruce was acquitted at a trial. Most recently however, he was charged twice with the same crime, once in 1999 and again in 2007. Both times the charge was stock fraud and both times, no victims were named nor filed any complaints, no dollar amount of loss or gain was stated, and not one of Gorcyca's alibi and other other defense witnesses were ever contacted, much less interviewed by the SEC or FBI.

The purpose of these criminal charges were/are to smear and discredit the source of serious allegations. Then after prolonged detention (for more several months) and delay in granting a trial, Gorcyca was offered "time served" (release) if he agreed to plead guilty. When he refused to do so, and when no FBI agent was willing to be deposed under oath (and risk being charged with perjury) the charges were dismissed by two different honest U.S. District Judges in New York (EDNY). You can actually log on and review the official court cases and relative exhibits for yourself. Just search by these case numbers:




Ironically, it was the U.S. government who trained Gorcyca how to be an investigator and judging by these leaked manuscripts, he does a damn good job!

But when the fabricated criminal allegations don't work in silencing the 30 year veteran whistle-blower, Uncle Sam resorts to plan B which is a plan of continued threats, harassment, smearing and spoofing him online, terrorizing his wife, sabotage of his business deals, and getting him jailed for extended periods of time in foreign countries (10.5 months of immigration detention in Canada) and 485 days of illegal detention in Canada
for an expired passport that the U.S. embassy simply refused to renew without explanation.

When he finally was released the FBI D5 agents arranged to kidnap him! or search "Bruce Gorcyca kidnapped" for more current updates.

Collectively as Americans we must take a united stand against this over-zealous censorship which breeds tyranny and oppression. Today it is a half a dozen authors, but within a few years, libraries will be told what books and magazines the public can read, and government embedded censors will be monitoring and filtering the internet "news", even more than they already are. Don't believe it?

Spend a few minutes and visit these web sites to educate yourself;

What's wrong with the NY Times, or major network news like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc. ? This may give you some insight... and you can also watch this short video to see how our government indirectly controls the flow of what Gorcyca calls "diversionary news" in his book you are not allowed to read. Why?

Gorcyca makes some very serious allegations against Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Robert Mueller, and dozens of others in his book, as well as exposing the murders of SEC investigator John Wheeler and government informant Al Chalem by professional hitmen, trained by the U.S. government. He also claims that a handful of Americans have been raising money for Joe Biden in China and have already raised $6 million dollars from Chinese millionaires and some Chinese executives of SOEs.

As you will note at the link, Gorcyca is not the first, only, nor last writer or witness that has been targeted by Uncle Sam's most corrupt officials. Here are the others;

* Author Shaun Atwood - Author of MADE IN AMERICA
* Captain Rodney Stitch - Author of DEFRAUDING AMERICA
* Eugene "Chip" Tatum - Author of THE TATUM CHRONICLES
* Sibel Edmunds - Author of CLASSIFIED WOMAN
* LAPD Mike Ruppert - Author of CROSSING THE RUBICON
* Kurt Sonnefeld - 911 Witness & Videographer

We the people have a choice to do nothing and watch our freedom of choice and speech evaporate, or take a stand and demand prosecution of the FBI and DOJ violators of our constitutional rights as citizens. Your silence will be construed as your acceptance of the status quo.