Brian Kemp

Subject: Brian Kemp
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 5 Feb 2019

To Brian Kemp
I 'm wondering will Legislation of Georgia congress or you for that will ever consider of raising the minimum wages to fifteen dollars like New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy honest it would be nice & well deserve that people would work low- wages jobs get a increase in their salary particular who works low- wage jobs who are low- income families. you republicans is about work then you show by rewarding those that work hard perhaps two jobs just to get by pay bills put food on the table for the kids! I course I doubt you would consider that proposal because people like you & the republicans in the Georgia congress is about taking number one yourself as well your donors& supporters first before actually real people that work every day deserve a increase minimum wage in their pay. Kemp if you all about Georgians providing a better future for hard working families then you & well as Georgia congress would consider of raising the minimum wage to those that work hard every trying to provide a better future for their kids & future generations a path for success something you should think about Kemp
Eldorado Walters