Black lives matter

Subject: Black lives matter
Date: 6 Mar 2018

The play "The Crucible" is about the Salem witch trials and how a group of girls decide to conjure the devil and them getting caught. One girl lies to save herself which leads to many people getting hanged for not confessing to practicing witch craft. The quote that led me to picking this topic was, "2014, Eric Garner was allegedly selling cigarettes illegally.Police show up and put Garner in a chokehold (which is prohibited in the New York police department) Garner tells the officers he cannot breathe. He later dies of a heart attack." The issue of police brutality is represented in the play because it targets certain people and uses violence against them without an explanation. The reason why I chose this topic is because I think the issue needs to be better addressed and dealt with. The audience this is focused towards is every day people because I think we need to keep bringing this issue up so something will be done about it. This issue is still very relevant because of the multiple cases of violence lately. To persuade my reader that police brutality targeted at black individuals is wrong and something needs to be done end this situation. The crucible and this issue are connected because police officers are targeting black individuals with violence way more than any other races.