A Bihari young man's "open letter"

Subject: A Bihari young man's "open letter"
From: omkar singh
Date: 3 Dec 2017

Dear countrymen,

Do not want me such a place
Where I have to be embarrassed on my own land.
Someone should tell Gautam Mercury, Guru Gobind Singh
This was the big

I am proud to be Bihari.
Yesterday I went to a restaurant in Hyderabad, after eating it, started talking to the restaurant owner. We talked for a long time, there was a lot of talk in between. Only a matter of time-mind made us both a good friend. He told me that "you talk to the boy in a good and lovely manner. "I thanked him and now he was thinking of going out from there that he asked me," Do you say that? "I thought 2 moments and said" I'm from xxxx (another state) "then he says that Venus That's not you from Bihar. I wondered, "Why did this happen!?" In the next moment, he began to pull out of his bhas, "Bihari bohut is dirty, where the dirt makes it live, the Biharis should be killed by hanging at the crossroads, except for the Bihari uneducated guar, abusive, unkempt Nothing comes to them. "I started burning up inside. I felt very embarrassed, broke in full like I did.

If a foreigner speaks like this about "India" in Bihar?
Jamshede Leke Kanya Kumari stirred up.

If I say in one word it's the whole country responsible. Because someone of you denounces us, then someone enjoys that joke. It is a matter of shame that in our own country we have to face all the usual insult. If someone said wrongly about you and your family? How Would You Feel? If someone crosses you, then you turn his face off, but if one of your abuses is abused then the heart is completely broken. In such a way, our Indian brother says bad-goodness, then the matter seems directly to the heart. When a person can not be the top among all the birds, then how can the nation with a population of 10 million people be able to be strong in every direction? Imagine that our state is far ahead of other states, but not as far as your thinking says, as your friends say or whoever you see as a filmmaker. In a Tamil film, in 2017, when the GST was made a joke, the central government came into action. In 2013, in the film Vishwaroopam, when the feelings of our Muslim brothers were messed up, other Muslim dalas opposed it. Even in the movie Padmavati in Hali, they also got rid of the feelings of Hindu brothers, they have not let the film release yet. But many films have been played in ours by showing different and badly behaviors in Bihar but have you ever seen its opposition to this day? No ! Why not because we are unable, but because we never care about these things. Today, the result of this is that everyone raises his voice and speaks about the state of Anab-Shanab. There is no corner of the country.

This is the incident of South India, "When a 3-year-old child goes to his parents for admission in school, the school asks the child that he has said that when the child said that he is from Bihar The next time the schoolman asks that you will not be beaten in school, you will not bring a pistol (revolver) in school. "Now you tell us that the 3-year-old child knows which bird is the name of the bird. Now you think whether this boy will ever say that he is from Bihar. No ! He will always have to forget his only land forgot.

2008 - in Maharashtra
2009 - in Karnataka
2003 - Assam
2009 - In Rajasthan
Biharis were beaten just because they were Bihari
When you are so enraged, why is it kept with adding Hindus to Hindustan?

When you search on the internet you will get a long list of atrocities against the Biharis. You can not find wikipedia about Bihar or not but wikipedia will definitely be found on anti-Bihar. On the one hand, wherever Hindustan is loop -hole techonology and bullet train and afterwards, on the other side in Bihar, people are still saddening for sizzling, road and good education. On one side, where Hindustan is talking about traveling in 530 km 1 hour and 30 minutes, on the other hand Bihar residents still take more than 30 minutes to travel 5 km. Its not responsible for Bihar's government, but we are Bihari who is continuously enduring everything.

Sometimes he keeps joking about us
Sometimes they beat us on being Bihari
Never let us go ahead
Never gave us a read-write
But till now we have continued

This is the same Bihar which gave its country its first President, it is the same Bihar which created Lal Prakash Narayan (Loknayak) like Lal, this is the same Bihar which gave great poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. This is the same Bihar which gave birth to great men like Gautam Mercury, Great Guru Gobind Singh, Chanakya, Veer Kunwar Singh, Ashoka, Mother Sita, Jagjivan Ram. Even Biharis have made their name not only in India but abroad. The first Vice-President of Nepal, Parmanand Jha, the first Prime Minister of Mauritius, Sevusagar Ramgoolam and the Prime Minister of many other countries and President was from Bihar. You people give beatings to be Bihari, but do not forget that the entire world was given "zero" by Aishabhatta (Aryabhatta). You should be ashamed of that Bihari because of your pride that makes you a joke of the same Bihari. In many countries Bhojpuri is recognized as the same Bhojpuri language has been used in this country. Any person should see the mistake as his personality, and not that person defame the entire state for the mistake.

In childhood I used to swear you every day that:
India is my country.
All Indians are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country.
I'm proud of its rich and diverse culture.
I will always try to become a worthy officer.
I will respect my parents, teachers and teachers and will remain unobtrusive with each.
I pledge my allegiance to my country and countrymen.
In my welfare and prosperity, my happiness lies.

I wish it was perfect.
Jai Bihar Jai Hindusthan

Yours sincerely,

A Bihari.







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