Became a Parent at 3 yrs old.

Subject: Became a Parent at 3 yrs old.
From: nobody
Date: 11 Dec 2017

When I was at my young age I wished to be special. Special like those kids who have drown syndrome. Yes. Because at 3 years of age I already knew and understand what's happening around me. Why can't I just be so innocent and naive back then. Not thinking of any problems and just be happy with the little things around me.

Maybe you're laughing because of my nonsense wish.
I just hope you'll still be laughing until the end.
When I was at my young age I saw my mother using drugs with my own eyes.
I saw her with different men.Me and my brothers grow up eating nothing but rice alone. Asking where is mom because she was no where to be found. My uncle's a drug addict and have anger issues. My mom used to always run away from home because her brother wants to kill her. We're hopping into houses to houses, pleading our relatives to let us sleep just for a few days.

One night I woke up at dawn looking for our mom because I know my little brothers will cry without mom beside them. I'm not sure if they want mom's hug,kiss or milk from her. All i know that time is we they need and will need her. So i went out and look for mom in unfamiliar house.


Saw a little light coming from the door of the other room. A candle! I was happy when I saw a pick of it because I want to blow and make a wish from it like a normal kid would do. Then I went closely to the door and opened it.


I saw her,mom, she's with other people whom I'm not familiar with. She's holding a shinny foil and some are holding something too. I'm sure what it is but I know It's not good. So I cried. I cried as loud as I can. Hoping that my mother would stop what she is doing and come to me and sleep with us.



A bang from a door shut my awe. My chest hurts. They said that my heart is here. My heart hurts mom. Why?
I can't breathe. I run as fast back at my brothers and hugged them. I cried as silent as I could because my heart hurts. I feel that I need to save them from something but I don't know why and from where? From mom? Why? She should be protecting and loving us right?


Mom is that what make s you happy? Can I also have it? My heart hurts mom. Where are you?