Are "We The People" REALLY going to let the DoJ and FBI tell us we are not allowed to read Bruce Gorcyca's book?

Subject: Are "We The People" REALLY going to let the DoJ and FBI tell us we are not allowed to read Bruce Gorcyca's book?
From: A Resentful Rdditor Allergic To Censorship!
Date: 18 Dec 2019

Seriously friends, this government censorship is staring to resemble that of China that we Americans rant about all the time. Are we the pot calling the kettle black? Check this out...

First, the FBI seize this man's book manuscripts in Ohio at gunpoint without a court order or warrant (1999). Then they extradite him from Canada in 2007 (after he rewrote it) on fabricated charges that are dismissed by an honest Brooklyn judge in 2007 (Jack B. Weinstein in EDNY Case No. 07-CR-608). Then just a few months ago in 2019, the FBI kidnap his ass out of China on the same identical charges that Judge Weinstein dismissed! Again, the new judge is not going to put his name on the political persecution and he (Judge Block) also dismisses the charges (EDNY case no. 08-CR-09) So like, WTF?!?

This all made me curious so I started digging online and 18 hours later here's what I found; Obviously half of the chapters have been hacked away, so I did more digging and found a proof-reader who was working with Gorcyca and found out what the book is about, mainly the crimes of former U.S. officials, and their Panama bank accounts at Morgan & Morgan including Robert Mueller, John Ashcroft and Bush Sr. (who used alias names) and specifically about: He also exposes the Chinese who gave Jeb $1.3 million to become our president!

Also... Bush Sr. being business partners with General Noriega, mass graves in Panama and the real reason for the 1989 invasion of Panama (Bush wanted Noriega to cancel the Panama Canal agreement signed with President Carter and Noriega not only said "no way" but told Bush to get all U.S. Army troops out of Panama too!) It turns out that Gorcyca's boss at AFG was married to Teresita Tapia the former executive assistant to Noriega who was also a client of AFG!

But some of the other chapters expose Clinton dirt as well. He also proves that Senators Clinton and Biden and Mueller all knew about Saudi 911 links within one week of 911. Interesting shit. Considering the contents of his book, Gorcyca should be grateful he is still breathing!

Another six hours online turned up the Canadian corruption links. There appears to be a bit of discussion North of the border about this a few years back. The Canadians are trying to expose collusion between Bush (W), Jeb, (their father) and the Canadian version of W - PM Stephen Harper. I guess this explains the weird extradition...

This Mueller letter is quite interesting and I'd like to know what was on the audio and video tapes? I'd also like to see the whole letter. Does anyone know where to find it? I can only find the first two pages at these links

Gorcyca also claims both he and the FBI knows who killed their Wall Street informant and Enron witness Al Chalem and the SEC's former Top Gun investigator John Wheeler, both of whom Gorcyca spoke with before their murders and links to professional hitmen trained in Panama by the U.S. Army at "The School of The Americas".

It seems Gorcyca worked 2 years at a CIA front company in Miami called American Financial Group and didn't know for the first year! He reported the company for massive money laundering to the FBI (read chapters 24 and 25 of his book) and look what happened to the CEO who stole the $87 million bucks -

Gorcyca claims former VP Cheney made over $50 million on an Enron Pump and Dump done off-shore and he and Wheeler had the proof as did Chalem and a Canadian neighbor named Pierre Gonyou. Most disturbing of all, Wheeler had evidence that Cheney and two cronies shorted shares of American and United Airlines about a week before 911. Wheeler had planned to leak that information to someone Gorcyca book identifies only "M.H/"

I also found that Gorcyca added 5 chapters in China and the last two were about the children of Senators Biden and Kerry and their Chinese business dealings and fundraising. I was also told that the book was not published because Gorcyca's wife was terrorized with two shooting incidents up in Canada where they live. I was given this photo which is from one of the shootings.

Bruce also wrote about how Harper and Bush conspired to kill a project to help Iraqi kids maimed in the war get free organ transplants. See the first 15 pages of htpp:// or listen to this BBC radio show:

Maybe he will publish this book after he crawls and hides under a rock in some remote part of the world out of range of American drone strikes! The Oliver Stone movie will be great for sure! I wonder how many other authors had their work quashed by Big Brother that we never heard about?