The Archbishop of Canterbury's failure in abuse cases

Subject: The Archbishop of Canterbury's failure in abuse cases
From: HG
Date: 15 May 2016


Serious formal complaint against Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and the Bishop of Winchester. Complaint addressed to Graham Tilby and Jane Dodds of the Church of England's National Safeguarding Unit with copies sent to 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, the National Child abuse Inquiry and the Press and media who continue to advertise and glorify the Archbishop at the expense of abuse victims:

Dear Graham Tilby and Jane Dodds and other recipients,

I understand that the Church of England have for some reason felt the need to pretend to care about my welfare recently, suddenly and too late.

Unfortunately the Church of England's relentless and severe damage to me means I see this as a farce; and while defamatory, misleading and untrue reports and articles about me by and on behalf of the Jersey Deanery are still available online and in circulation, and while no-one in my case has been dismissed or even reprimanded for their behaviour, the Church's sudden and belated pretence of care is distressing and not remotely credible. The Church have had years to put this right and have continued to oppress or ignore me instead.

As you will be aware, I made a clergy discipline complaint against the Archbishop as well as Bishops Butler and Dakin 2014. And as you must be aware, the Clergy discipline complaint was not dealt with due to there only being a corrupt and ineffectual system.
Indeed I was threatened by Mark Hedley, who claimed he could not understand the huge volume of evidence of the Bishop of Winchester's serious misconduct.

As I said in reply, if he really could not see what was before him and really thought he could make veiled threats to protect the Bishop, he should resign. Incredibly the case was then offered to the conflicted Archbishop who had overseen the Bishop of Winchester's harm to me and condoned it.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's persistent showing off in the press has become unbearable, he has told the whole nation that he is a narcissist and he has lied enough about the Church and Safeguarding, when will he be asked to be quiet?
His narcissism is unfair on the victims that he and his church has made suffer. And in my case, the Archbishop of Canterbury is directly responsible for my continued suffering, and has openly upheld the wrongdoers in my case, especially Bishop Dakin and Bob Key, as you will have seen in Bob Hill's recording of the BBC Jersey interview in the link a few paragraphs down.

The Archbishop isn't credible in making statements regarding 'Bishops being committed to safeguarding' while he has overseen and worked with the Bishop of Winchester in publicly destroying, discrediting and defaming me, leading to severe and irreparable harm, not just to me, but to Bob Hill, the man who singlehandedly tried to prevent me from being killed by the Bishop, Archbishop, church and press and media's actions.

This evidence in the link above shows that while Welby is actively protecting the Church by misleading the general public through the press, giving the image that the Church cares about safeguarding, which it does not. He himself, Justin Welby, has actively harmed a vulnerable adult. The Church, with the evidence now presented, are obliged to take action, and if their 'safeguarding' measures have improved, as repeatedly boasted by the Archbishop in the press, then he himself must now face disciplinary action under those measures.

Most recipients will have seen my 'Letters to the Press' articles now, the first of Which is actually to the Prime Minister, but unfortunately the Guardian Newspaper is persisting in Publishing the Archbishop's 'safeguarding' propaganda while I remain suffering, and I object.

Here is an open letter version of a summary of 'Letters to the Press' which is online with my other open letters in order to protect me from further harm from the Church of England. I am voiceless, and the only way I can try to protect myself from the relentless defamation of me is to publish these things.

Part of the purpose of this letter is to ask once again for the resignation of the Bishop of Winchester, who's prolonged harm to me has been public and full of blatant misconducts and even illegal actions.
And also, as the Archbishop is aware of my severe distress at his narcissistic showing off while he has played a significant part in destroying me, I am also asking him to resign now as well. And I would ask Her Majesty the Queen and also The Right Honourable Prime Minister David Cameron, to ensure that these men do leave their posts as they have shown psychopathic disregard for my welfare and safety whilst using the Press and Media to glorify themselves.

I would also ask for the annulment of the whitewash reports and a genuine apology from the Church to be made public.
I am exhausted from years of fighting for my safety and suffering trauma and fear with rogue journalists and cranks harming me as a result of the Bishop of Winchester's insane actions in launching a one-sided whitewash into the press about my case, condoned and upheld by Bishop Butler and the Archbishop.

The smears and attacks on me on top of homelessness, destitution and illness caused by the Church, have repeatedly nearly led to my suicide.
And if I had committed suicide, the Church would have continued to abuse me and my case, as they did with one of Peter Ball's victims who committed suicide. Paul Butler tried to glorify the Church by 'praising' this dead man, which was disgusting. Although in my case, if I had given up the fight instead of taking the Bishop to court, the Church of England would have published more whitewash reports without taking any responsibility.

And this has happened under Archbishop Welby's direction. So nothing has changed since Paul Butler and others protected Peter Ball when he was in office. This is why I am asking the press, the Prime Minister and the Queen again to ask Justin Welby and the Church of England to stop abusing the press.

Justin Welby cannot credibly continue to talk about Safeguarding and abuse while he has been involved in the abuse of a vulnerable adult through mis-use of the press and whitewash conflicted internal Church of England reports.

Repeatedly and for show, the Church have shown this inward-looking effort of 'meeting legislation needs' through trying to force their version of 'help' on me illegally, while publicly destroying me. They really do not have a clue about safeguarding, and it was safeguarding director Jane Fisher who damaged me more than my abusers by trying to silence me to prevent press scandal.

This letter is another plea for the resignation of the Bishop of Winchester, and the Archbishop as well as he continues to be deceitful in the press and mislead and hurt people, and it is a reminder of my letters to the press about this, and it is also a reminder to the Church of England that because they are incapable of safeguarding they need to arrange outside intervention, and also they need to arrange an independent investigation into my case, an investigation that includes me this time!

Also, because the stress of fighting the Church singlehandedly to stop them killing me caused Bob Hill a severe brain haemmorage, and he was the sole carer for his disabled wife, I believe that the Diocese of Winchester owe Bob and Anne payment for their care for the rest of Bob's life. The Bishop of Winchester seems totally oblivious of the human cost of his and Welby's actions against me and the lasting damage not just to me but to the Hill family, while the Bishop's actions have achieved nothing whatsoever for safeguarding, the opposite in fact. I remain living in fear and in hiding.

Would someone ensure that I am fully and permenantly safeguarded against harm from Bishop Dakin and Archbishop Welby and that their whitewash reports into my case are legally annulled, redacted and removed. This includes the Gladwin report, the Steel report and the Glenys Johnstone Jersey safeguarding partnership report which was also engineered by the Diocese and other agencies to cover up. This is a vulnerable adult's life at risk as I won't withstand any more defamation or lies about me in public.

I am going to end the main letter here and provide you with a few pages of links regarding my case below my signature. Please read the comments on Bob Hill's blogs as well, they tell stories in themselves. Also remember, Bob didn't know me when he started writing these, and he didn't ever meet with me and hear my story but based his blogs on the Korris whitewash and what was going on in Jersey.



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