Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Police

Subject: Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Police
From: HG
Date: 1 Dec 2016

Formal Complaint against the Archbishop of Canterbury and the failure to record the matter properly by phone this morning CC: IICSA and to be published online.

Dear William Nye and Archbishop's council,
This complaint is copied to the police, who for years have beaten and imprisoned me to try to silence me for the Church of England. I am alive but horrifically damaged and eventually I will collapse as Bob Hill did while trying to defend me against the Church.

The Church haven't taken responsibility for Bob's collapse or the harm to me, but the police have a duty to deal with the Church, the police are afraid to deal with Bishops and Archbishops and their hefty and Godless legal teams that invalidate the Church of England, as is seen in the cases of Peter Ball and Bishop Bell and the former Bishop of Gloucester, the police prefer victim suicides and silencing victims because they are afraid of the Church and it's massive and abusive power.

But nonetheless they do have my complaints and they will be asked why they didn't deal with them as well as why they refused for so many years to stop the Church of England from harming me. What the police can do to start with, is formally ask the Church to refer my case to a competent safeguarding body outside of the Church of England, which is what I have now be requesting for three months.

Police please note, the Bishop of Winchester has breached a court agreement over the Steel report. He was not allowed to publish or distribute the Steel report without having first got agreement on its accuracy and consent from me, and instead of telling the press and media and general public this, he has claimed that the Steel report is valid and that he is handing it over to the conflicted and biased Bishop Gladwin to include in his report.

Handing it over to Gladwin breaches the court order instantly. The Bishop has still failed to send me my copy of the Steel report, which despite being written by a conflicted member of the Jersey circle and not including me, was supposed to be about my case.

This morning I phoned the office of the Archbishop's council as it is obvious that nothing is being done about the open corruption, deceit and abuse by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Winchester in my case and the very serious harm that he and the Bishop of Winchester have done to me.
Surely it is the biggest safeguarding failure in the Church of England apart from the Peter Ball and Kendal House cases, and yet my case is unique in that the harm was carried out while the Archbishop and Paul Butler have been keeping up this front about the Church 'caring about safeguarding'. And less unique in that the Church of England intend to keep silence and not act while the wrongdoers involved are still in office.

There is no good outcome of the Church spending a million pounds to publicly destroy a very broken and homeless vulnerable adult and uphold her abusers publicly, there is no good conclusion and no glory in it for the Church of England, all they have achieved is a statement that they will protect abusers, publicly at any cost, even at the cost of the life of a brave man and a vulnerable adult and they will discredit the victim after carrying out a number of biased whitewashes that they incredibly try to label independent. Someone needs to define both safeguarding and independent to the Church as they consistently mis-use these words.

The Church don't care about safeguarding, they care about covering up, looking good, and using anything they can as PR and limelight stunts. The Church have been persistently using the crime of sexual assault as a limelight stunt since the current Archbishop took his position, which reflects very badly on him indeed. But anyone who saw him use his 'Father/s' as a press stunt will know that he has never been fit for his office as he doesn't represent Jesus in his twisted use of his personal life to gain attention. Why are the police and authorities not challenging the Church on these serious abuses of the public and the vulnerable?

This morning's phone conversation reflected the fact that nothing has changed in the closed fortress of cover up and denial in the Church of England. I doubt with all my heart that anyone will 'phone me back' as suggested by the terrified woman who was breaking the 'no communication with HG' rule' this morning. And if only it was just me, Eli Ward, Graham Sawyer and every victim who has contacted me has been treated this way.

The Archbishop's persistent use of church sexual assaults as a PR stunt whilst not changing the Church's horrendous treatment of victims means that he isn't really in a position to continue, but his very blatant and open favouritism in the Jersey Deanery case means he certainly should step down, and this is a formal complaint to that effect.

The damage to me of the public discrediting by the Archbishop and his refusal to deal with open wrongdoing in the Jersey Deanery and by the Bishop of Winchester means he cannot be upheld as a Godly man or an example of Christianity, and his habit of using current affairs as press stunts to get limelight for the Church annoys a lot of people.

What kind of human being does as the Archbishop has done, in upholding both the Jersey Deanery and the Bishop of Winchester in open and blatant deceit, abuse of power and very serious harm to a vulnerable adult and claiming that no wrong has been done? I am still suffering the way the Church has publicly destroyed me, and neither the Bishop or Archbishop have met me or recorded my story, what a terrible way to waste a million pounds, on destroying a vulnerable adults who has already suffered too much.

And although the lady I spoke to this morning was perfectly polite, it became clear that she wanted to get off the phone and close the matter down quite quickly once she realised who I was. So nothing has changed in the Church's fortress of denial and corruption. Branding a vulnerable adult is never acceptable, branding them when they are homeless and destroyed by the Church is as far from Christianity as you can get.

Why, in this day and age is the Church still allowed to abuse its power this way? And incidentally why is this wealthy corporation allowed to have dual roles as charity and government department and why does the Synod hoard billions and make local churches waste sermons on begging money to keep the church running? Why if the Church is a 'Christian Church' are they not dealing with abuse and abusers properly and making provision for victims?

When the Archbishop publicly destroyed me earlier this year, with the help of the Bishop of Winchester, he had never met me, neither had the Bishop.

The National Safeguarding team added to the injury caused by the Bishop and Archbishop and their complicit press by claiming that 'The Church didn't mean to hurt me' what a stupid thing to say to someone who has been publicly destroyed for three and a half years by the Church through the press and media, what exactly did they mean to do then? The National Safeguarding Team are invalid until or unless they are independent of the Church of England and not under the people who are doing the wrong and are not acting complicit with wrongdoers to cover up and excuse wrongdoing.

This morning on the phone the woman started out as all Church of England people do, all polite, she asked if it was a safeguarding or general complaint, well it is both but the National Safeguarding Team were told to ignore me when they didn't get what they wanted from me. Graham Tilby actually told me he was told to ignore the distress that he and Jane Dodds provoked in their denial of my situation and efforts to force a meeting on me rather than deal with my complaint.

They wanted me to be complicit in the Bishop's discrediting attack on me, and tried to make me and the Bishop communicate despite the fact that I took him to court in 2014 to stop him from killing me by handing the whitewash steel report over to William Bailhache, one of the conflicted Church-States members who had elected Steel for the cover up.

The Bishop and Archbishop, while misleading the press and public with impunity, seem unable to tell the press or the public about how Steel was conflicted and I was forced to file against the Bishop as litigant in person when I was so ill.
The National Safeguarding team have refused to address this massive safeguarding failure of the past three and a half years and kept on and on trying to get me into a meeting 'To support me', and no doubt other vulnerable victims fall for this part in the Church's cover-up machine, but not me, I won't meet with people who are complicit in cover-up and harm to a vulnerable adult, who have stood by and knowingly allowed harm as Tilby, Dodds and Murray have, and who have been engaged in this harm as well, for example liaising with the Bishop of Winchester to cover his back. How terrible that anyone who claims to be in safeguarding would act this way.

If the National Safeguarding Team can't see the very serious misconducts and harm to me by the actions of the Archbishop, Bishop and Jersey Deanery and complicit press, they can certainly see the harm to Bob Hill for defending my life with his own, the only reasons they have not acted is because they don't understand safeguarding or they are unwilling to deal with the powerful wrongdoers, both of these things invalidate them and while the wrongdoers remain and I have not had an equal voice in the press and media who carried out the Church of England's massive abuse of power in this case, then I remain suffering.

You can't get all abuse victims, vulnerable as they are, to obligingly trot into the cover-ups and cover-up meetings that Dodds and Tilby kept putting me under pressure to bow to and attend. I wonder how many other victims have been silenced this way?

On the subject, Tilby claimed that Elaine Rose, the woman who has defended and condoned the bad behaviour of the Jersey Deanery, had any right to liaise with the conflicted Jersey Safeguarding Partnership over their whitewash serious case review, and he claimed he could get a copy of the serious case review whitewash.
He didn't have my consent, and no-one has had my consent to view that set-up whitewash. It is another defamatory cover-up created by a woman who is facing charges for perversion of the course of justice, and it was created for and by the same dignitaries in Jersey who engineered the Steel whitewash. It is invalid and since the failure of the Steel report, those dignitaries in Jersey have clamoured for the release of this whitewash and even launched a troll attack on me using a fake email address.

This morning the lady on the phone was taking my details as normal until I mentioned the Korris report, and all of a sudden, whoever was in the office with her tipped her the wink and she rapidly tried to close the matter down and started talking about how 'someone would give me a response' rather than anything being done about my complaint. No-one will 'give me a response' because the Church take legal advice against their victims and their legal advice is to ignore me and not speak to me.

Safeguarding? No, they destroyed me to close the Jersey matter down and now they are ignoring me, so the best thing the Archbishop can do is stop using sexual assault to try to glorify the Church in the press and media at the expense of victims, and step down.

The Church recently had another feeble effort over their inadequate and conflicted 'independent inquiries in the press', they chose a man who protected Greville Janner and shared an office with another high profile paedophile, to lead an investigation into the Bishop Bell case, which will undoubtedly harm the victim, and yet they haven't arranged an independent investigation into the misconducts of the Archbishop and Bishop in my case, where a million pounds was spent, mainly on lawyers and PR firms because of the complete and utter mess they made in launching the non-independent and unqualified 'Korris' report into the press and allowing me to be publicly destroyed. The police need to respond to the illegal release of the Korris report as it was sent to them to compound the cover-up that they took part in through harming me and not protecting me from the Church of England when asked.

This matter isn't going to go away through the Church ignoring me, and the Safeguarding team who failed me have been asked to refer my case to a safeguarding body outside of the Church of England and to make sure an independent inquiry is called, and presumably the reason that they can't call an inquiry in my case as they did in the cases of Bell, Ball, etc is because the wrongdoers involved are still in their positions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nonetheless, this is a repeat request for an independent inquiry and this letter and everything I have said will not go away, nor will the open and glaring wrongs of the Church of England.

I wouldn't put it past the Church to do another whitewash without telling me and claim the same results as well as claiming an independent inquiry was carried out. No, as yet no inquiry has included me, no action was taken over conflicts of interests, no appropriate action was taken, and in Jersey they allowed open and free tampering with my records to cover up and aid the whitewash, how horrifying. The Church of England needs to be properly regulated, the authorities need to stop bowing to this massive power-abusive corporation which is akin to a Nazi regime, no-one should stand by now, because my case and the open abuse of power and illegal actions is a step too far.

The Church need to decide whether they are a charity or a government department and be regulated either as a charity or a government department, and with their bad record and bad name, that regulation needs to be from outside the Church.

Police, please be aware, as I have told you before, that I am due to suffer another vicious onslaught from the press and media when the Dean announces his forthcoming retirement, which seems for some reason to be delayed. The damage to me by the press and media, since the Church have released my details and identity to the general public, is a criminal act and you are aware from my correspondence just how weak and destroyed I am.

This is a formal complaint and also a formal request for independent and police intervention into my case.


JJ/HG - Korris report victim