An Appeal to Humanity

Subject: An Appeal to Humanity
From: Me to you
Date: 23 Nov 2015

With this text, I would like to address all members of our society, our nations, our humankind. I know I am not the only one worrying about recent events, past events, historical events. Acts of pure violence that have happened, that have affected our society, our actions, our minds; and yet to this day, we still seem to only be able to respond to violence with violence. Killings with Killings. Slaughters with Slaughters. Waving flags, wearing uniforms, singing hymns, justifying our acts of manslaughter. We shout war, seeking peace.

Hence, I ask myself, you, all of us: What is the difference? How can we seek world peace, if we apparently only know how to attack others or defend ourselves? Why is it an abominable crime to murder some people, yet, if our nation kills in the name of freedom, we start applauding, cheering and celebrating? Of course, you can name many reasons, many justifications and many examples. Nevertheless, I beg you not to limit your mind and thoughts to these excuses and seriously ask yourself, ourselves: What is the difference?

Terrorists, you might say, need to be killed. Who are terrorists? What is terrorism really? How do we define terrorism? Can we really define terrorism? What are acts of terrorism?
I am sure we all have the same image in mind, an image that is presented to us everyday, an image that seems to have such an importance to us that we stopped questioning the authenticity of that very image. According to, terrorism is defined as “the use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals.” – Just take a look at the official FBI definition, do you notice any differences? Would it sound crazy to think that the FBI could justify government actions by having a different definition of terrorism than any other online dictionary?
Regardless, there is neither a clear definition of terrorism in law nor academic consensus. Thus, again, I raise the question: Can we really define terrorism?

How can we justify our many actions in foreign nations that brought nothing but destruction? How can we, as an -self considered- intelligent species have our nations’ leaders discuss world peace by constantly lying to each other, hiding intentions and interests? How can we expect a solution to a problem by not truly speaking to each other, by constantly only considering individual interests? And of course they will say that it is obviously not that easy, but really?
Is it not?

You can call me childish, naive and considering that I have no real experience, who am I to talk? You are right, but I would like you to consider this: You still believe that institutions keepings secrets, ordering killings and bringing destruction is legitimate as long as it is happening to other cultures? Destabilising the Middle East and ignoring rising terrorist groups, furthermore, enabling them to recruit new fighters for their cause and that only because of the destruction and pain you and me caused to their society, our people. Nevertheless, you, we are still surprised and shocked by terroristic attacks on your, my, our soil? Is that not naive? Is it not, that these terrorists are merely monsters we created, monsters that we fear, monsters that haunt us now? Can we really put blame on a specific group?

We as humans, as a society, as human kind have to develop ourselves, develop our understanding, our empathy, our intentions, our minds. To me, the beauty of the human race has always been diversity, different cultures, different behaviours and yet the undeniable similarities in our thoughts, our emotions, our minds. The world is changing, as a matter of fact, and a global feeling of unity seems to appear. We are connected now. We can truly speak. We can find solutions. We can work together. This should be a reminder to all of you, to me, to everyone: We are nothing, but all humans. We all feel. We all want happiness.

We have to develop. Our thinking, our behaviour, our way of doing business/politics, our society. However, at this point you may ask who I am to make such claims and you are right. I do not want to make claims nor suggestions on how to change the world. I simply ask you to start questioning, learning, to start understanding, to be critical, and more importantly: Be critical about yourself. Learn to know yourself, to understand your, my, their, our intentions. Learn to be objective, to be reasonable. Understand yourself.

With a global population exceeding 7 billion human beings, an individual is tempted to feel rather insignificant. The individual feels powerless and yet we let the way we think about the world be dictated by a rather small group of assholes that cause harm with their ignorance and/or commit horrific crimes. Did we forget that even small acts of kindness have a significant impact as well? They do, lasting way longer. Acting kind without asking for something in return, making someone laugh. I know there is already a large amount of people making the world a better place. Nevertheless, they, you, me, we need support. We are more than them. We are many. I know we are. I know I am not the only one thinking about this.

So this serves as a reminder to us, an invitation to you, an appeal to all human kind: Do not fear those evil madmen. There is always more than one solution to a problem. We are more than them. We are stronger. Those who show empathy and have true intentions will succeed. Don’t stop acting kind. Don’t stop doing good deeds. Don’t stop being optimistic. Don’t stop believing in a better world. We, who appear to be silent, will support those with true intentions. We will not let evil make us evil.

Ridiculous imagination they might shout, ignorant enough to underestimate the power of our human mind.

Let us show them our true strength. Our human side.

For all of us,

Unknown, 22