to anyone who has visited a brothel and purchased sex.

Subject: to anyone who has visited a brothel and purchased sex.
From: a woman
Date: 25 Jan 2016

how do you live with yourself after physically and sexually assaulting hundreds of enslaved women and children? impoverished women who have come to the united states in the hopes of better lives for themselves and their families? women who have never had the luxury of running water? women who have been promised opportunities to work & to live where food, water, and shelter are not scarce - opportunities seemingly otherwise unattainable? imagine for a moment the image of a woman coming to the realization that she has been deceived and that she has fallen victim to an elaborate lie - a scheme that will inevitably be the reason she never sees her family again, will lead to her being forced to sacrifice her body, her mind, and her health completely; the betrayer devotes her body to you and others just like you. you have forever shattered her personality, you have irrevocably shattered her peace of mind, and you have irreparably fractured her sense of worth. and why must she endure such violence and assault? you are horny.

enslaved women are reduced to sexual commodities on a daily bases.

you violently enter where you are not welcome and push into where you do not belong. do you not see this? you pay a tariff to the pimp in exchange for fellatio given to you by the girl of your choice. do you not realize that you are giving women the respect you give rental car? you've rented her for a selected amount of time, and she has become a vehicle created solely to fulfill your own sexual desires, forced to serve & forced to please you, and the man after you, and the man after him; you decided she was born to be a sex toy. and you ~ you are a sexual oppressor, entrapping those for a violently flawed idea of your own sexual liberation; is this not rape? it is a rape you have paid to perform on the selected women. you have become lethal to any woman you will ever meet; you will never see them as anything more than a mode to achieve orgasm. there are few things more terrifying than a man who believes he is entitled to a woman's body.

your actions precede your backwards, illogical, self-centered rationalizations. you tell yourself that the people you use for sex have chosen to do so. you convince yourself you avoid brothels that practice sexual and physical abuse. you defend your violence and the violence of others similar to you and assure yourself that your choices are wholesome, pure, and safe. you attempt to conceal your evil behind a thinly veiled rationale as you continue to sexually violate countless women and girls. are you fucking kidding me? how deluded are you? tell me, how is this not rape?

in nevada, brothels are legal and have to maintain a certain code to stay in business. have a look at the fucking state these women are in - women who are part of a brothel that passes the legal standards set by the state of fucking nevada:
"The women's food was shoved through the door's steel bars between the kitchen and the brothel area. One pimp starved a woman he considered too fat. She made a friend outside the brothel who would throw food over the fence for her... Then there is the fact that legal prostitutes seem to lose the rights ordinary citizens enjoy. From 1987, prostitutes in Nevada have been legally required to be tested once a week for sexually transmitted diseases and monthly for HIV. Customers are not required to be tested. The women must present their medical clearance to the police station and be finger-printed, even though such registration is detrimental: if a woman is known to work as a prostitute, she may be refused health insurance, face discrimination in housing or future employment, or endure accusations of unfit motherhood. In addition, there are countries that will not permit registered prostitutes to settle, so their movement is severely restricted."
what has happened? why do you still think of these women as lovers instead of slaves when you do not know their names as they do not know your face? why do you continue to believe that your paid ejaculation is special or important to these women? can't you see she cannot stand to touch you? be touched by you? but why do you persist? and why are you still convinced you have shared joint experiences of sexual pleasure with her or her or her or her? why are you devoted to the obviously false sentiment: 'she is no slave'? what is this unashamed ignorance you have transparently willed upon yourself? you have raped so many people, you have somehow become completely numb to you victim's humanity.

your purpose is to reach your depraved orgasm. then, you go home and watch tv, your sex object left forgotten. in contrast, the woman you have just raped is trapped in a small room, the floor is littered with condoms left by other paying rapists like you ~ condoms that she must collect to present to a brothel boss as evidence that she has passed a minimum number of "clients", and therefore, can be granted something to eat. did you know that these women see an average MINIMUM of five to seven "clients" A DAY? and then are sexually and physically abused by these complete strangers? are violently raped repeatedly every day, hour to hour, given absolutely nothing in return ~ aside from chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, genital herpes, HIV; aside from a lifetime of psychological trauma; aside from an unwavering desire to turn to suicide. why? you were horny.

the women you raped are stuck in between walls or on top of stained mattresses, enslaved by their rapists ~ continuously forced upon, relentlessly abused, without any possible exit. the women you raped are children, adolescent girls you have unknowingly raped ~ 13,14,15,16,17 years old, you don't even know you have raped them, but you have. the women you raped live in prisons, punished for a will that was violently forced upon them by their rapists, hundreds of them, including yourself. the women you raped are dead: killed by an STD that has once again proven to be fatal; killed by her brothel boss after trying to escape or seek help; killed by a sadistic man who requested a "full service session" and went too far; killed in prison during her sentence; killed by her own hand because of the fucking dread, the misery, and constant fear endured daily as a slave, trapped, submitting to her rapists.

i read your comments, i see your jokes: to you, these people are glamorized blow up dolls. why do you feel that you are entitled to sex? to my body or her body or hers? and why the fuck are you so proud of this mass rape you have performed? hundreds of identical but separate assaults and attacks you have forced upon helpless women? young girls? stolen children? how many little girls have been stolen from their families to satisfy your own disparity and your depraved sexual entitlement? you are fucked up. you pretend to ignore your wrongdoing and simultaneous defend acts of physical, psychological, and sexual violence you have committed. you persistently terrorize women that have been continuously denied freedom, humanity, and a set of basic human rights by DELUSIONAL RAPE APOLOGIST MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLES like you. you consistently dehumanize, destroy, molest, and kill to fulfill your selfish, petty desires and to ejaculate. how are you so fucking willing to be controlled by a fucking organ that hangs between your legs?

you're a rapist. you're a rapist supporter. you're a child molester. and you're a killer.

you actions caused the deaths of an obscured amount of women & children ~ but you are lucky; you will never know the exact amount. the numbers would be astounding, you would be driven insane with the instant clarity of your thoughts, your motivations, and your actions. statistically, it is undeniable: you are responsible for death. maybe a woman? maybe a child? i wonder how many children have died at your hand. i hope you can fully understand that someone is dead because of you, not only because you should feel utterly devastated at the wreckage you have caused, but because IT IS the undebatable truth. ~ over one hundred women and children have you raped ~

you paid for "full service" and forced fellatio, you paid to become her abuser. you scarred her, you became her abuser. you paid her slave master, you kept his secret. you gave modern slavery your moral and your financial support. how much have you contributed to sex traffickers? to systematic mental, physical, and sexual torture? hundreds, thousands of dollars? per year? per month? and still, you are proud. still you brag and you boast.

there is a consistency in every one of your rape sessions: you left, she didn't; you wanted the orgasm, she wanted to go home. yet you are the one leaving, and she is the one who stays, still trapped, dreading the reality of again bringing a stranger to orgasm. it is you who again has chosen her fate. while she is still being raped against her will for your corrupted, perverted, degenerative pleasure, you leave unscathed. not only unscathed, but elated with your accomplishments and contributions to a malevolent business fueled by kidnapping, rape, slavery, violence, and death. i don't believe in capital punishment; i do not believe any human deserves to be killed, but you are no human. you are a monster. i hope you catch an std and die a slow, painful, undignified death ~ a satisfactory example of contrapasso.