Anonymous person

Subject: Anonymous person
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 27 Oct 2019

who ever the hell is this anonymous person is in the Trump administration reveal yourselves as the author of your book. Are you that afraid of Donald Trump the same guy who didn't serve his country excuse of bone spur in his foot a guy who can't confront someone in person give me a break. You need to grow some balls be a real man or woman reveal yourself to everyone that you're the author of your book anonymous is not that hard to do. Donald Trump for three years have tried to bully people and I use the word bully useless because let me honest Donald isn't really a tough guy Trump is nothing but a loud mouth pussy always with threats of suing individuals that speak truth where F**** Donald Trump .He not going to sued anybody and even if he did he will lose just like he loss other cases F******** Trump! Donald Trump can't stop people for speaking the truth whether it's journalists news organization medias or average American people trump isn't a king he is nothing but a entertainer reality joke that is right now occupying the presidency office. I far as I'm concern whether you reveal yourself or not I'm not going to purchase the book anyway honestly what ever in the book is probably isn't nothing that I already know about Trump except his grades in school in his whole tax records! Just come out who ever you are reveal yourself as the author of the book anonymous!