TO ANC MPs Blade Nzimande, Yunus Carrim and John Jeffery

Subject: TO ANC MPs Blade Nzimande, Yunus Carrim and John Jeffery
From: Your comrades (past and present) and other concerned citizens.
Date: 31 Mar 2017

Dear John, Blade and Yunus. We are very concerned citizens. You might remember some of us. A number of us worked with you or encountered you at some point in your political career. Those of us remember you. We remember each of you being principled activists with a conscience. When it comes to the next Vote Of No Confidence in parliament, we're expecting you to vote with your conscience, like Pravin Gordhan says he will. We're expecting you to rescue this country from kleptocracy by voting to immediately end Jacob Zuma's term as President. Only 50 brave ANC MPs are needed. We're expecting each of you to be one of them.

(Some of us have individual messages to give you. You can see these messages in the comments below. Whether or not you read these comments, we hope you are going to heed the general plea we are making: Remove Jacob Zuma from his position as soon as possible by voting against him in the next Vote Of No Confidence.)