America' is no more

Subject: America' is no more
From: A formerly proud american
Date: 13 Feb 2021

Thanks to senate Republicans once again abdicating their responsibility. We will never be able to say we have any standards. No princables. My heart is sickened by the senate refusing to judge the actions of our president.

This is the death of the country I have loved despite our faults I believed we tried to do the right thing. I believed our public officials by and large lived up to the high standard expected of them but no more.

We are ruled by law not man. The peaceful transition of power. No longer true. I am angry that Republicans have allowed our end angry they refuse to will honestly full fill their duty to judge and sickened by their dishonesty and deniel.

Liberty was not at stake therefore tie should go to the prosecution a vote to aquit should mean you believe no case was made that it is more likely he is not quilty that you can defend the Presidents use of his office. That you are proud have
this as your reflection.