"America does not deal with poor people." Is it your intention?

Subject: "America does not deal with poor people." Is it your intention?
From: Victor Porton
Date: 15 Jul 2019

I am not an American. For this reason I have no SSN.

I spent my own $400 and registered an NGO to help you. (By the way which mad person "invented" to get money for registration of charities? Is it a tax for good deeds to prevent them?)

Now I realize that these $400 were stolen by the American government. They didn't warn me selling this "service" (service? is the possibility to do good for them a service?) that they will request SSN to open a bank account. They also stolen my money on the nonprofit PayPal account, as the account was locked requesting an SSN when I added my Israel credit card. Even removing the card didn't unblock the stolen money.

Having said that, it is possible to open a bank account by paying money to a proud offshore registration company. So is your intention to allow only rich man to do good for you? Is "America does not deal with poor people." your official policy? Confirm or disconfirm.

Is your official policy to keep poor people poor? Certainly, if a man is poor he deserves it, so he should be punished by not allowing him to transfer money.

Another problem was that half of your Web forms does not accept foreign phone numbers. I solved it by buying a Skype number in the USA. But why you want me to pay money for this? Are all your programmers so stupid that cannot make a Web form with international phone number fields?

Yet, another problem is requiring nonprofit's utility bills. It is a home based business with 3 volunteers abroad through Internet. I don't have separate utility bills for the NGO. You request things which don't exist.

This joke is about you: A man sits behind a fence and asks to release him. The authority decides: If he sits behind a fence then he is a criminal, if he is a criminal then he must sit behind a fence.