to all who committee suicide

Subject: to all who committee suicide
From: a friend
Date: 17 Dec 2016

A letter to friend
Can you feel the rain touching your face , washing all tears .can u feel the bitter taste on your tongue when u eat dark chocolate . Whispers in the night when you just sleeping in a dark room. Chilling weather making your fingers freeze, chatting with a friend about your problems, wind flowing on your face , scolding each other , missing someone even though you're with everyone . Sleeping on the bed and making crazy sounds, do u know the feeling of simple sitting and thinking of what next minute be. Do you know how it feels when you get your first grey hair or feeling and experience of having fully grey hair? going out with the different people in different countries. Dreaming of seeing the whole world before you get old . scuba diving, flying , going crazy and shouting on top of a hill. Where are you.? why do I miss you . When u left me to suffer alone you’re in peace, are you in peace really… I just want to get you back go out with you , shout like crazy , want to hear again how my eyelash are made of , how you explained I don’t need any makeup for my eyelashes, want to go on those chatting and walks on roads , trying to walk on longer route, want to hear again about how a girl caught your hand when you went to scary house, want to see you blush , I want you to tell me that guy loves me, I want you to tease me again and again, you promised me you will give your kids to me saying that my guy will be so shy he will only see my legs , want me to hear again saying love marriage is the best thing you can do, I want you to pick me up when my bus late , coming so far saying sorry I wish I had a bike but I can only take you in bus, saying let me pay your auto charges because I am guy, U never let me spend a rupee even though I was earning , you never let me give you a treat , where the hell are you I miss you , you promised me if there is some problem you will always come, keep your promise . Now I need you come back.
Everyone says you did a mistake, what was going on your mind when you stopped breathing, do you realize how mom will feel, you’re not a coward then why you did a cowardly thing, you fought with the whole universe to save mom when mom got brain tumor, we had a rough time together but we face it with all callings all the prayers to go. You made mom well you made her brain ok. By leaving you made mom life as a hole, which can’t be filled by anyone .
Where are you now, what are you doing now, can I ever be able to forget that since I didn’t have much time for you , you died , did you really died because you felt lovely , didn’t you knew I was there for you . I was your best friend, aren’t I ..?? If I was why you didn’t tell me why you ended your life.
If there is a life after death, I wish you drink there too ,go out with girls ,  have a shameless life, feel the all feeling in your life ,nothing right or wrong in this life , its way you take it ,  leave till the last breath is take by someone, not by you. I promise in behalf you will be in my heart and I will always help people in studying and in reaching their goals. Miss, you ra very badly vamsi .