To All Uni Grads: Free Fortune 500 & MNC China Internships Available - Not A Scam!

Subject: To All Uni Grads: Free Fortune 500 & MNC China Internships Available - Not A Scam!
From: CFTU - China Foreign Teachers Union
Date: 8 Nov 2015

We learned of this unique freebie in a round-about way (handling a complaint of a teacher who got swindled by a teaching internship fraud) Be advised there are over a dozen private companies that want to sell you an internship in China for $499 to $4,999. Do not even say good-bye - hang up the phone and block their Skype, email, and phone number - they are scams. In fact, anyone who asks you to pay money to get any China job or internship is absolutely a fraud that should be avoided like Ebola. These links will identify them for you just in case you are already being wooed by one of them (their sales reps are very good at persuading people so read these links)

Now the good news... The only real and legitimate Fortune 500 and MNC China internships are FREE and only available directly from the actual employer who has "intern Coordinators" working in their HR Department. Unlike the private internship brokers and peddlers, they will not lie to you, and more importantly, they will not ask for a dime. They will also sponsor you for the Z visa you must have to come intern in China.

You will of course have to pay for your own air fare (unless they end up hiring you - a 30% possibility) and your meals, and ground transportation. So if China is on your "Must See" see list and you want a 30% chance of working for a huge AAA international MNC or Fortune 500 company, start reading below:

Even the largest companies like IBM, Ford, HP, .etc only hire about 10 interns every summer in China so apply early and be sure to include your Skype info in your resume. If you do not know how to contact these employers send an email to [email protected]