To all parents

Subject: To all parents
From: Taylor Morris
Date: 23 Feb 2017

Hello Parents of America my name is Taylor Morris I just got finished reading a book I was assigned call Oliver Twist and found it interesting but I also found a very drastic problem in it that even our normal life has Child Abuse and in reading this book I found these couple of area’s where Oliver is abused as well.

Oliver is born into the world and his mom dies with him in her arms during the next 10 years Oliver has been beaten kept in a basement to starve and has been abused all his life, during his time in a factory he gets sentenced to death for asking for more food which isn’t much food at all it wouldn’t be able to feed a growing child
Oliver is later on beaten by one of the families who took him in for getting angry at another resident who made fun of his mom and was lied about being said he was trying to murder the young man.

Oliver is kidnapped shot by mistake almost sent to prison again in his life for being forced to rob a place but he got out of it and was rescued by nice people but is continuously yelled at for mistakes.

So yea by the end of this book you can tell Oliver has been through some stuff that has nearly killed him multiple times and that his abusers are fiends and that he doesn’t deserve this. Well I feel the same way and I wish I could’ve finished this book just so I could know what actually happened and the happiness Oliver would have felt at the end.

He’s human so am I, he’s white so am I, he’s male so am I. I don’t want to be part of an abusive family or be put to death cause of a mistake I’m pretty sure there are many others out there too who also don’t want that.

There are over 6 million children have been abused by their parents. Safe horizon Is a good example of helping our children of America who are being abused

The Blue Ribbon Project is an event that was to also help our children through those rough times and saved thousands if not millions of children

I’m only making this to those parents out there who think abusing one’s child to near death or beating them enough to break them and they’re psyche. I want to stop all the lives out there that are being hurt due to a simple problem and I want to stop the deaths of these children too.

I may not know any media out there or have been susceptible to any abuse in my life but I know someone who has and they are afraid to speak out against their abuser I won’t give names so as to keep their identities safe.

I’m not just white but there are so many more out there and I was a child and I am a boy I would never want to be an abused child and I know Oliver didn’t neither do many other children out there. I want to stop this abuse and the continuation of it.