To all the Feminists

Subject: To all the Feminists
From: F.C. Ukwuomah
Date: 24 Feb 2016

Dear feminists,

You claim that you are all about equal rights for women or gender equality or whatever it is you're saying; but... in reality, your agenda speaks otherwise. And when I mean otherwise, I mean your purpose for the movement is completely different from what you claim you want to promote. Apart from supporting the movement of killing the unborn children (aka: abortion), I see you putting the hashtag #killallmen on Twitter, next thing, you want to get rid of Father's Day, then you want to ban the word "bossy", and then teach little girls how to swear all in the name of feminism? Yeah... real women's rights movement - not. And btw, I am a woman. Yes - a woman who is strongly against this movement. Though I am still at my early stage of adulthood, let it be known to you that I am not a novice to this topic; and to be honest, as a Christian, I believe that God created male and female for a reason, and there is no point discarding one gender and upholding the other; it never works that way, ladies. Newsflash: it's not just the women who matter, men do matter as well. And having said that, I dealt with creeps and idiots in form of men in my lifetime, men and boys who clearly have no respect for me; I've seen and met the worst of them alright. But guess what? I came across some matured men in my lifetime, and I would never think of wiping out every single man on earth. And you know something else? A child needs a mother and father, this is a fact that cannot be erased no matter how much you'll deny it, and every life matters, including the unborn, who are human beings like us that deserve the chance to live.

You think that by being against feminism, I'm against women, but you are sadly mistaken; being against feminism, is not the same as being against women. You think that by being against feminism, I support women being hit? I'm telling you that's a lie. As for the hitting issue, no one, whether male or female, should be hit. The hitting has to stop. Period. Abuse is one of the marriage destroyers. With that been said, while it is true that the man is the head of the house, the way God made it, men shouldn't hit women, they have no right to do that; but equally women shouldn't hit men either, they have absolutely no right to do that. I mean, the Bible clearly says that husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the Church, not treat them like punching bags. Heck no! And the Bible also says that wives are ought to be submissive unto their husbands as unto the Lord, not treat them like dirt.

Another issue that I would also like to point out is modesty: modesty goes for both men and women. And (may God forgive me for saying this), I think that most women are probably the worst at it. I mean, most of them have literally no respect for their bodies, and dress like harlots, and unfortunately, lure men to lust. I mean, doesn't the Bible say that the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, not some show-wardrobe or some brothel? Come on ladies, you have a role to play. Then again, I'm not saying that all women dress like prostitutes.
But then again, men can even be the worst at it too, I mean, some of them just can't even dress properly and end up looking like prisoners. I And also, men need to learn to control themselves, keep their hands to themselves, and their pants zipped. Again, the Bible say that the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, so it applies to them. In any event, modesty applies to both men and women for goodness sake. CAN'T WE HAVE SOME RESPECT PLEASE?! Urgh...

And on that note, if men kept their pants zipped and women had kept their legs closed, there wouldn't be out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and families would be a lot more stable.

And in all honesty, as much as I don't hate you, your ideology disgusts me. You even had the audacity to tell the whole bleeping world that God degrades women; I'd like you to take the time to read the Bible properly, because in reality, God does not degrade women. And you'll eventually find out, that in the Bible, not a single woman mentioned there is weak; each of them are strong in a unique way. Hannah for example, was a woman of prayer, she was mocked because she was unable to bear children; but instead of retaliating, she took her case to God, and He heard her. He blessed her with Samuel who later became a prophet, and 5 more children; 3 sons and 2 daughters.

Another one is Esther, who despite being an orphan, living with her adult cousin Mordecai, God was with her. She became the queen of Persia. And God used her to save His people from the wicked hands of Haman. And as if that wasn't enough, Deborah was the only female judge of Israel, and on top of that a prophetess. There are so many examples that I could mention, like The Shunamite woman, Elizabeth, Ruth, Mary, Rachel, Rebekah, or even the Canaanite woman; look them up for yourselves.

And let me be honest with you: as for your movement... with the things you are doing now, especially by using hashtags such as #killallmen and all sorts of unbelievable and unimaginable atrocities that you're committing, and degrading men ..... in all honesty, you're embarrassing us all; in fact, the feminist movement today... is a total shame, defamation, and most of all, it is nothing but a total and utter disgrace to womanhood. And I will not, and will never, be part of such a movement that degrades both men and women. Call me a hypocrite if you wish, but I do not give a bleeping crayfish of what you have to say.

I hope you'll someday understand why I hate the feminism movement; and hopefully see the Light.

Yours faithfully,

Miss F.C. Ukwuomah
2nd Year Animation Student at Edge Hill University.