All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

Subject: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
From: a person of interest
Date: 8 Oct 2019

Although this was the first live event of aew dynamite on tnt this show was pretty good. The hard hitting action got me excited to watch a show that provide more action than the mess you see now in which it's base on f** storylines executives deciding the outcome of good to see wrestling again it been eighteen years since you seen real stars competing similar of the ecw days except not as violent but, still pretty good .the women match was just as good as the men hopefullt aew will get more women to join the women division there are plenty of perhaps free agents from other promotions in the country including japan !I can't wait to watch this Wednesday's show on youtube could be some perhaps surprises wrestlers jumping ship who knows . Thanks AEW for bringing back Dynamite wrestling not to mention bringing seasonal veterans commentaries to called the two -hours action!