african americans sports anchors/reporters

Subject: african americans sports anchors/reporters
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 31 Jan 2019

To all Africans Americans sports anchors/reporters

I just want to say you're doing a fabulous job covering sports with in depth interviews with accuracy & truth. there are a view that looks really fine particular one sports anchor Ms. Taylor Rooks it would be so nice if one of the Atlanta local news would hire you if available it would be nice having a female anchor particular of a African American female presenting sports on air to get a female prospective of sports whether the same old talking heads that present sports just saying. Let be honest of course it not going to happen if even the likes of Ms. Rooks or any other African American woman or female for matter would ever be consider of being hire seeing the fact that the stations is run by older men & woman particularly white older men & woman. My guest is the fact management see woman behind the scenes not in front of cameras turning off whites audiences not to mention the male sports anchors is afraid of losing their jobs especially to African Americans woman they probably couldn't handle it very well! For example, you had two sports female African americans in Georgia not all that long ago a early departure perhaps management was scare to lose their white viewers & male anchors couldn't handle it being perhaps replace just my view.I really hope someday that Fox 5 Atlanta WSB-TV Atlanta CBS 46 11 Alive would at least consider of hiring a African American woman sports anchor or a woman sports anchor for that matter white or black just saying thank you.