Abolish the horrendous Spouse Visa rules - My open letter of anger to Theresa May

Subject: Abolish the horrendous Spouse Visa rules - My open letter of anger to Theresa May
From: Adam Risbridger
Date: 7 Jan 2015


Dear Theresa May,

I am absolutely disgusted by your policies concerning a "financial requirement" to sponsor a non-eu partner in this country.

You are a complete hypocrite - Despite this vile draconian law splitting up partners/ families and causing untold anguish to thousands of hard working people you actively support it when you yourself were quoted as saying that your own husband was your "rock".
You have smashed thousands of "rocks" and done so without a modicum of sympathy. You should be subjected to the same treatment and witness for yourself the painful isolation you and your government cause.

You like to portray a pro - family image but this couldn't be further from the truth.
A foreigner is simply someone whom has come a different part of the world. This idea of "British Values" is absolutely absurd. Humanity is an equal creation and should not be subjected to differentation simply based on origin of birth.

Why is it a British Citizen can bring over an EU spouse with very little limitations and fees but one with a Non-EU cannot?
That alone should be grounds for discrimination.
We are treated like second rate citizens under the guise that you are cutting "mass immigration", "saving the tax payer" and stopping the "terrorists".

I for one are appalled not only by these policies but by you as a human being.
There are many petitions online calling for these Spouse Visa rules to be reviewed and abolished.
Petitions such as Keeping Families Together on 38 Degrees.org.uk with over 6000 signatures.
That's over 6000 people YOU have caused to suffer. That number grows every day.

Individial stories of pain such as Phillip Malloy and his family being torn apart by these regulations is another of the countless stories that you have created.

Almost 50% of British citizens cannot sponsor their spouse because, by your policies, they are too poor to afford love.
That thought sickens to me to the very core.

I will be taking this up with my own MP and will do my utmost to ensure that these rules do not stay in place and are removed.

You will soon be hearing from me