9 Angry MEN Demanding Your Reign of Terror End

Subject: 9 Angry MEN Demanding Your Reign of Terror End
From: 9 Angry MEN, we are the MEN that love and know your victims well !
Date: 28 Jul 2019

This is an open letter to Stephen Thorpey:
RE: Men Don’t Abuse, Decieve, Manipulate, Steal and Attack Women and Children!
Stephen and Friends, We are the men who know and love your victims well! Yes, Stephen we do exist! We are not “impersonations” your victims have made up to support their claims or to stalk, harass, libel or slander you and your “friends”. We are nine men that will no longer remain silent as this campaign of real slander, lies, manipulations, exploitation, intimidation, harassment and abuse to continues! We have each known your victim and her children for 7-25 years or more! We are not family members, we are not figments of her imagination as you claim just as her female friends, family, advocates, therapists and doctors are not fabrications as you and your “friends” have alleged, though you would like your “friends” to believe that your victim and her children are psychotic monsters who have no one that would love them or care for them enough to defend them or that they believe no one would be a caring enough person to forewarn another victim, like the 4 women before our friend and her children did when they knew of your relationship and children being involved! Or for your victim to believe she is so unworthy, inadequate and unlovable that no one could ever defend her only toss her and her children to the dumpster as trash they’d used up and had no need to further have possession over! We are the men whom have dated her, befriended her, grown up with her and have always respected, cared for, loved and known her and her children! Your victim only known to be a woman, mother, friend, partner we have been proud and grateful to have been able to share our lives, homes, hearts and families with, a woman not one of us have once had a negative comment or experience with beyond the normal disagreements amongst friends or former partners! Many of us have entrusted our children to her, our homes to watch while away, our financial information and the private details of our lives and not once has she betrayed us or done us wrong! Many of us either spoke with her daily or several times a week in the years prior to her having met you, some of us saw her as much as 4 or 5 times per week prior to that time and some of us were in long term committed relationships with her and know well her and her children on a very deep personal level, certainly she’s not a perfect angel or without a flaw and her teen children certainly are not either! We experienced normal human behavior from each of them, for the 7-25 years we have known her and her children. Interestingly enough at just the time you arrived at her door each of us was systematically eliminated from her life “out of respect” to you and your relationship, the need for her to ease your discomfort with our relationships with her and her children given you by her a respect or care for you to allow her friends to remain not offered or for you to honor her feelings in regard to who you engaged yourself with during the relationship! At approximately that same time many of her other female friends and acquaintances began to hear from her less and less, just as her therapist who you didn’t like or her medication which you had been addicted to some of or her other needed medications you felt were unnecessary , her newly achieved career, her hard fought for finances, good health and that of her children whom had been thriving very well and with success began to unravel with your presence! Abusers isolate their victims, they detach them from any sources of reason, truth, insight, support, self esteem and once they have done so they eliminate any and all well being, self worth and self love the victim once had, the woman we know, the woman you first met, the children we know, the children you first met where was she in her life and where did you lead her, where were they in their growth and where did you lead them? You know as fact the crippling impact you created, the deception you regularly fed them, the manipulations you couldn’t stop yourself from enjoying, the betrayals, all you gained from your mistreatments of them for personal pleasure or gain, the financial abuse and theft from which you greatly and often profited, the infidelities you frequently were caught in and only denied insisting she was crazy and paranoid despite the other women who contacted her, the phone records, texts, Facebook messages, emails, dating accounts and credit card receipts in hand you were shown from only a few months into the relationship all denied, any wrong you were to have proclaimed each of those women the liars, psychos and stalkers you now accuse her, her children and all the others of being, on one occasion you went so far as to threaten to slit the throat of one of the women when you and your victim spoke with her by phone as you wished to clear the air that you hadn’t been engaging with this woman to your victim, a lie , this too is a fact that you know is reality! Then there is the broken promises, refusals to keep to agreements, the disturbing way in which you spoke of her and her children in your emails, texts, and journals to others, the blaming, shaming and even taking notes of the slightest average error to later utilize in inventing your delusions of her and her children to excuse, justify or discredit them to others and convince yourself your behavior was warranted! The hundreds if not thousands of emails, texts, cards, letters and more in which you apologize, beg, plead, confess, promise and vow for years to your love, lifelong commitment, inability to love any other and so on all as she loved, respected, supported you financially, emotionally, remained loyal, worked at the relationship and kept her part of those terms and vows to a destructive, near fatal length as your mind games and abuse continued you of no humanity to cease your abuse! The children the same can be said of your treatment of them and the disappointments, abuse, deception, ignorance, neglect, slander, disregard of their welfare and already existing conditions known to you in full and the pathetic way you handled step parenting a cowards act! The way you speak and spoke of them, the heartless way you walked away no apology, no words, no care in the least for them at all, the bitterness, resentments, threats and cruelty you have the ability to feel no human reactions toward the children who loved you believed in you, and gave you chance after chance especially her son who wanted you to adopt him who you promised time and again to be a dad to who you called son and the hatred you carry for her daughter for exposing many of your lies found online by her when inconsistency in your and your families stories and finances didn’t add up her fearful of you and what might be so she searched you and revealed the beginnings of your lies, frauding of their mother and con job , at just 16 or her scared, sick, worries than going to their biological father in desperation for help all reasons to diminish, dismiss, slander and hate a child this is animalistic at best your cowardly acts are no man’s behavior! Our friend your victim, stood by you through all those evils, each relapse, treatment program, lie from your very first message on line your education,finances, living situation, career, criminal and relationship history all lies not one truth to begin, and your frequent various forms of infidelity some at your victim’s expense on her credit cards, broken promise, thrown away vow, empty agreements, looking for you each time you went homeless, attending therapy, al anon, researching and seeking treatment for you, providing you food, clothing, furniture, jewelry, travel and even with her generosity you wanted more the financial loss and exploitation you helped yourself to often, bad words you spoke of her or her children, she fought for you with those she loved to defend you, persuaded others to believe in you as she did and help you , she aided in searching for apartments, employment, medical care, prayed for you, sacrificed for you and made you a priority each and every day!!!!! When her and her children needed you and once she began to suffer the awful health and emotional affects the abuse you carried out poisoned her with physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually, as she wore herself out trying to build a business to recoup that which you took, raising two very weakened, fearful, wounded and now near fatal loss by suicide of each children this terrifying she, the children, her family and friends, the toll of the housework, yard work, pet care, going to school on line to better herself, the cooking, therapy and treatment she worked hard at all as you continued to watch them fade away and fall apart, saying one thing to their faces and doing another behind their backs with no human instincts to stop your destroying them you just marched on and over them further and with greater force, no aid, support or hand to help or heal did you ever offer for more than a day or two every few months and in the end none at all would you, too busy as you’d say! You were well aware you were provided a ridiculous amount of proof and expert advice, documentation etc you simply cared none what happened to them because you still had much to take from them before you were willing to throw them away for good or until you’d secured your new conquest and source in a relationship!!! Or when then wasn’t the game plan accusing them of fabricating, embellishing or lying was until you needed something than and only than your game plan was to smother them in false hope, fake love, promises you never intended to keep and apologies you didn’t want to make or feel they were worthy of receiving! Every single statement we make we have taken the time to sit to review to learn to see the actual evidence the facts, the thousands of emails over 4,000, the thousands of texts over 6,000, the hundreds of love notes, cards, letters and written agreements between you and she over the years over 200 total, the confessions you, yourself made to each and every claim made as being fact in over 1800 texts, emails, cards or letters and not just to your victim or her children, to your own parents, her medical and mental health professionals, the children’s medical and mental health professionals, her family and her friends all of which were made right through the end of March along with your professions of love, loyalty, fidelity, lifelong commitment and treatment in full to finally be the man and father they deserved, many, many at least 50 documented times from November to March, your victim, her professionals, her family and her friends questioned that offered you exits and begged you to leave if you were going to and do so immediately and in a respectful, honest, dignified and humane manner and you and only you insisted countless times that wasn’t what you wanted or had any thoughts of doing as you could see no life without her or the children!!!!! We have even gone so far as to have had them analyzed for authenticity by experts in several fields all of the important communications and documents and each are 100% real and fact all genuine proven as the source being who it states none falsified or fabricated, none misrepresented or distorted by any party! Not once were you as you claim forced, threatened, or coerced into the relationship not once and on not one occasion were you harassed, threatened, slandered or stalked in fact the opposite is what occurred for years by you, we have seen and have documented the phone and text log spreadsheets of her and the children’s calls to others made by you over 60 found on the laptop , the m spy ware installed, the tor devices, the evil onion app installed the dates activated as you know well and we can also prove your victim knows nothing of these types of cyber matters or technology, you almost always the source setting them up and teaching her to use them, the hacking attempts successfully carried out and more through out your relationship and through just about 7 weeks ago. The emotional upset of the sudden tragic death of her brother and the impending loss then death of her father and the toll of the lengthy disease that took his life and the struggle to heal from those wounds they were suffering , the mourning period you proclaimed boldly and proudly to have been given peace and happiness in disrespecting and vindictively with deliberate intent chose then to begin to act as you have and expose what was the realities of your lies, a time that is absolutely expected and appropriate that should be given basic etiquette and values, is rightful and was grossly utilized to your further insurance they are made to be psychologically diminished and worn to their end, their grief or courtesy of respect to she and her children through out the 3 years of her father’s illness and the loss of her brother of no reason to give your twisted games a break or come to senses and end the torture you were inflicting only further reason over time to inflict it upon them and an opportunity at its climax taken to attack and expose then humiliate and throw away all 3 of them! Using the their grief, emotional suffering, vulnerability and already weakened mental and physical states to full advantage in making them to appear irrational or incompetent in their upset with you or the indescribable disgust their family, friends and the hearts of any rational sane person would have in their opinions of you , defense of her or anger with you for having done and than to add to the F off your dozens of statements in your having found peace and joy in doing so! All the while saying they your victims robbed you of yours, a pitiful inhumane act to boast of and intimidate your victims under false pretenses based upon reasonable shock, fear, questions and confronting of you by any one, not once were you spoken to in the manners you spoke to your victim which was chilling horrible and vicious and only to communicate with you at that time to finalize the necessities and graces expected by normal individuals at the end of a relationship or as she attempted to gain information as to who the council you’d alleged to obtain was against she and her son , arrange to return your belongings/ items she’d bought you or finalize paperwork again normal occurrences that you play victim in calling harassment and stalking! Your victim had just 3 weeks prior to the death of her father made her stance with you very clear in an email we have also seen and had checked for authenticity, along with all your threats, cruelty, insults, demeaning comments, bragging of how much peace and happiness you gained in doing as you did and each and every time all anyone did that you insist is slander, stalking, harassment, libel, intimidation or slander was either answer to your threats to take action to seek legal advice in their defense that you threatened against she and the children, finalize paperwork, apologize for including you in a group email sent by a secretary and than some questions of reasonable expectations of why your long term lies occurred and the sudden publication of your new relationship, the serious nature so soon after a length of only 5 weeks was yet another lie exposed and at that time specifically as you well knew of the circumstances as any former spouse let alone one whom had been manipulated and lied to in the extent and length you had for a sick amount of time, than publicly humiliated and viciously attacked would question! Is why you’d lied for so very long and when you attacked and threatened her countering all statements made by you until just weeks 3-5 or less prior beneath your entitlement to use others as you please, abuse them and than throw them away and insult them because you were caught in a lie the behavior a sane, sober, Christian, man or simply a normal adult or human being would just apologize, own it , make nice and settle up, this is the crime you are seeking revenge for or her or her children’s rightful upset and pain over it , or the others who stood up for her when you chose to be a maniac again in your handling of it , even still you persist in your innocence, your victimization and your righteousness as you only ever since have assaulted her character, credibility and person further to ensure you are perceived by your girlfriend and your friends the perfect man who was wronged and she an insane woman on a dangerous course to stalk you all, instead of doing what a man does and admitting your wrongs, offering respect and condolences, cooperating with finality, providing a brief dignified answer only once to your lies and settling all unfinished business than maybe waiting a little while to go public with the serious relationship you’d been in all the while as you used, abused and lied to her and everyone else, do you ever act out of some class or moral compass? You peaceful proud and joyful in doing so and in all who you deceived, used, manipulated, abused and made to suffer and than threatened in lieu of just doing the manly thing and the adult, moral thing, things you did not once offer her or the children? These are only the acts of a very immature and extremely selfish, morally vacant child , heartless, self promoting, of no sane mind , a classic abuser and typical of those in addiction who haven’t recovered, you are not a man no man would choose the rout you did in ending things and have since a coward not a man! You have on 4 occasions in 9 weeks alleged to have retained counsel including the final one on July 3 her father’s birthday a day difficult as it was the first without him for them for you a perfect opportunity to ask she be threatened, informed and humiliated with the knowledge that you, your girlfriend, her hair stylist and your best friend demand in email to a third party domestic violence advocate who was pretty nice to the stylist and your girlfriend in her words and certainly is not harassment or intimidation or stalking the stylist asked to speak with her by phone a game you and she set to attack your victim and her children and cause further suffering and to place fear more than she and the children already have of you and what better day, it’s not slander, libel or otherwise it was well intended care and fact forewarning that didn’t require the drama your “Friends” and you created it was simple ignore the message if you don’t believe it or don’t want to know, don’t play into it only to plot an attack and escalate the nonsense you insist to continue with your lies and spite and now your group attacking a woman and children they have no mutual friends other than you with and no nothing of but you and feel a need to aid in your abuse and threats to them, seems they have a questionable trust in their sole source and perhaps values similar to yours lacking in almost any intelligence, responsibility, humanity or in fact any evidence that’s genuine aside from yours ! For you and they to demand that it was to be made for her to know that “her games” were to be over that the 4 of you had committed to legal actions, were allegedly that day to obtain restraining orders, clerk of court wasn’t even contacted and no police report made either, a no contact orders given , no real attempts by any of you on record and had as a group retained attorney’s at that time to act against your victim was pure intimidation. Interestingly enough not one of the other parties ever met, saw in person, spoke to or communicated with your victim or her children, there is no evidence they have and we have had a preliminary investigation done to certify that they have not, others who were upset, disturbed or fearful who were frightened by your treatment of your victim or her children yes but even that communication didn’t constitute any form of harassment, intimidation, threat, libel, stalking or slander other than stating documented factual evidence which isn’t illegal or a civil issue and being very kind and concerned for your new girlfriend there was none of those alleged crimes committed and no warranted need to retain attorney’s, obtain immediate no contact or protective orders or to insist legal action and criminal or civil misconduct was committed by your victim or her children, this act was only to inflict pain, disturb healing, cause greater suffering, disturb mourning and invoke fear of you and your friends to be made known so your victim and her children would be paid to pay for your sins and your crimes, held accountable for your abuse and misconduct, and now you had enlisted your own army to aid in your assaults on their well being individuals who have not seen the evidence, do not know the entire facts, are not of any legitimate knowledge as to anything regarding the victim, her children or the relationship besides your telling of it and whatever convulsions you have told to appear the victim and the attacked, maintain the game your running on your latest target(s) and the act your putting on for your friends either that or the four of you are and have been conspiring to sue civilly to gain more of your wealthy victims money so that you and now they may further benefit by your having abused and terrorized them either way this is not the act of a man not one manly act has been offered your victim or her children! Any one of us are happy and encourage any one of the parties who participated in the alleged legal actions and pursuits, your commitment and retaining attorney’s and to ending “her games” and the very firm very unfair very judgmental and extremely misguided statements or perceptions of the victim and her children or the relationship and facts we invite to email us to sit down and review the evidence themselves anytime and Stephen we ask you simply settle this end “YOUR GAMES” prove you have some character or morals or a manly act in you and stop this now! There is no way in the world your victim or her children want another moment of this to continue and the hell you put them through not to mention the pain and humiliation to go on your dead wrong in who created this mess it’s a product of your design she and her children were made to endure it the least you could do is man up and end it especially because it’s your factual actions that bred it all and your handling of matters since, clean the mess you made be a man and move on ! Not another email which was the very last of this we Men could witness quietly while having seen and viewed or lived through the rest and all the actual evidence, facts and events we are in the know of not just the words or motives of one of the parties whom it may not be advantageous to be so quick to support unless you would also like the actions you all have threatened and claimed to actually occur with all the evidence and witnesses not just the words or representations of one party at least we viewed all the facts and have a combined lengthy history of the victim and her children to support our opinions, like what was sent yesterday and how that address was obtained alone is terrifying thought it’s words unspeakable is to be sent or threatened and degraded to her ever or her children if you’d like threaten other men not women and children at least show that amount of sanity and maturity which is minimal but would be an improvement ! Thank you let’s end this now or full and immediate action will be taken with no mercy and warning on a criminal, civil and legal level every avenue possible taken to stop this enough is enough from all parties! Friends don’t let friends suffer alone or be harmed just because you don’t believe it’s possible for anyone’s family or friends to care for their well being or safety as much as your victim and her children’s do and have and our standing up for her and through all of this doesn’t mean it’s not real it means you don’t have that experience with your friends and family and the echo of what your “friends” are doing is a very different and very calculated and manipulated move that is either very misguided and convoluted or they too have been party to your actions and the facts and then they are accessories and there will be no financial and personal gain using the victims further for self serving advantages for any one of you as the motive may me that as it was from day one by the abuser ! Your victim and her children are now reunited with their friends, extended family, healing, healthy and gaining peace other than your and your friends vendetta to spare your being a man and taking responsibility for your own actions that created this or attempted character assaults and attack’s on their peace and joy not yours, they are now healthy and they are happy they have the lives you robbed them of nearly back and all those you wanted kept away close by and really happy to finally be a part of their lives just as we always were and they the good, loving, warm, generous, welcoming, funny souls they were when you initially appeared, give them that which you’ve asked that which you claim they took from you and live in all that peace and happiness you created off of the exploitation, abuse, deception, manipulation, character assaults, smear campaigns, hurt, fear, suffering, pain theft and phoniness that you proudly boast to have now that you are finally at peace and happy since doing so to them, and let them be back where they were before the nightmare you are that they are relieved to have awoken from is gone and don’t return with your false accusations to haunt them further you and only you created the lack of peace and joy that was occurring for them and yourself ! You haven’t killed their spirit, laughter or desire to live and no one will allow that to happen again and they aren’t going to entertain the “Games” you play further and that is exactly what you claim to trul desire, that should be no issue for you or your friends and you Stephen and only you set this in motion and you and only you can choose now to disable it’s destructive path or the victims will choose really to do what’s alleged you all did legally and what they have already sent as a cease fire via legal means and if that offer isn’t something two weeks and that email of cowardly insult and threat later as of yesterday than you and only you have elected to allow that destruction, lack of peace and joy to continue by not doing so, which is the choice and choices you have repeatedly made and insisted to make that created this, the mess you can and very easily and quickly clean and permanently disarm or you can keep on as you have and allow the law which you aren’t above and your friends aren’t either to review every bit of evidence from day 1 and act accordingly civilly and criminally, the patience and mercy you have got so far you choose not to take, this time your choosing for yourself and your committed united friends who will “end her games”, that may persuade you to think twice in your continued refusal to man up, knock it off, fess up and move on without your need to smear your victims out of self doubt or fear of truth! That is the act of a man who wants peace and joy and to move on and has zero time nor your actions those are that of a spiteful bullying child, choose being a man !
9 Angry Men to our friends abuser and his supporters, we each are very real and very frustrated by this and no man can stand silently by as a woman and children are put through this any longer !