Subject: 45th
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 1 Aug 2019

Donald Trump you're a lazy ass punk mutha f***** coward sitting in the whitehouse putting down mayors of the cities that run by democrats particular african americans just because they have a few problems concering the neighborhoods of inner cities homes etc!you represent every american do something to help but, you're going to help this attack on congressmen like Elijah Cummings is a distraction not to mention a racist attack just because Cummings is doing his job as oversight investigating your administration. But as usual you're watching your friends Fox &Friends in which they're controlling you like a puppet you react when ever Fox News runs a story about usually about blacks and neighborhoods they live in which I doubt the story was accurate particular who ran the story Fox&Friends weekend.Elijah Cummings deserve respect not only from his colleagues but the person that's representhe whitehouse!p.s I'm going anywhere so why don't you take your wide load fat ass hop on Airforce one back your rodent infested home of Trump Towers piece of S*** mutha f*****