2020 Election Fraud

Subject: 2020 Election Fraud
From: Helen Articolo
Date: 4 Jan 2021

Dear Congressman Tonko, Senator Schumer, Congresswoman Gillibrand, Speaker Pelosi, Governor Cuomo:

I am a lifelong conservative supporter. I am requesting that you and the Congress COMPLETLEY support President Trump and his efforts to overturn this sham ficticious election. All Americans and Patriots need to stand behind Mr Trump and the Legal election process. As my Representative you need to muster all resources and the backing and the support of all Americans towards this endeavor. The schemes and efforts of these election fraudsters need to be exposed, not rewarded. This is not about the elections in 2022, but about the election of 2020 which President Trump won by a Landslide. If the fraud and policies of this Democratic Party, or any party for that matter, are allowed to exist then our Country and our Constitution are in desperate peril. Do the right thing and support a legally elected President Trump. Do what the voters and your constituents are demanding that you do. Carry out the duties for which you were elected to office for. Americans stand behind you, the Constitution, our Country and this President. This is not the time to just care about your respective office/Party or the election process. This is the time to protect the Nation and the principals for which this nation was founded upon and for which we stand.