From your Wife

Subject: From your Wife
Date: 1 Apr 2015

I'm done sugar-coating things and putting on a brave face for our families. You know that having a family of your own is not something you want, and despite what you think I know it too. I know you have no desire to have children with me. There will always be a reason, some made sense at the time - you were between jobs and the timing was bad - but since that is no longer valid, your reasons have become just plain mean. I didn't go to university, just a trade college, so I'm not smart enough to teach a child anything academic. My interests are cooking and sports, which are useless, unlike your passion for music. I have no patience, though dealing with you proves otherwise. I am uncaring and aloof, though that didn't stop you from marrying me. Oh and I'm fat... if I have a kid now I'll just get fatter then I won't be able to even return to my starting point, so before you'd even consider getting me pregnant I have to lose 20 lbs from my 6' 170 lbs frame - just look at all of your friends whose wives never lost their baby weight!
They really don't matter that much anyway, your reasons for not having a family. At 34, and with a long family history of fertility problems with women 5 years younger than myself, I'm betting I'd have a hard time getting pregnant even if you felt I was worthy. 5 years together, for the last 2 I've been trying to get you on the family track (which you seemed to be on before we got married... bait and switch much?) and now I may have to play a game of I-told-you - so when it turns out that our own child is not in the cards. Though I doubt there will ever come a day when you will deem me fit and meeting your standards, so now I'm left with a decision: what do I want more, a family of my own, or you? Right now, you are losing.