You Said

Subject: You Said
Date: 17 Aug 2022

Not long ago you said you’d love me forever

You said in fifty years we’ll still be together

“I need you”, you said

Telling me in not such a long time you’d be dead

But it was all a lie

You were never going to die

Took my heart in the palm of your hands

Said you’d look after it, said you would keep it

The only thing you kept was me and you kept me a secret

Should’ve known then, but love is blind

Thought you were the best person ever; so sweet & so kind

“It’s terminal” you said, you don’t know how long you’ll last

It’s in your lungs, it’s in your brain, it’s spreading so fast

All the phone calls and crying in the middle of the night

All the times you said you’re not giving up and that you would fight

All the things you said and all of them were lies

Sometimes I look back and think would it have been easier if you had actually died?

I would still feel broken, I would still feel a mess

I’d still think about you and get that hurt in my chest

I love you so much but I wish you were dead